Poems for a New Season by Heath Thompson

In my Freshman year L&L class, we had a poetry unit. My teacher, Ms. Doersen, made us write multiple different kinds of poems. Not to brag, but I was pretty amazing at it. But, like all great things, my great poetic saga had to come to an end. I hung up the hat and swore that I would never return. But, as we come to the beginning of this beautiful season of Fall, I’ve decided to step back into the limelight. I wrote, for your reading enjoyment, my magnum opus. So, without further ado, please enjoy:

Heath’s Awesome Autumnal Anthology

Leaves fall in autumn

They are orange and yellow

You were expecting a proper haiku, weren’t you?

*Snaps of congratulation*

Halloween is coming soon,

Fear and fun galore

It’s really hard to rhyme with soon,

My knees are kinda sore

I wanted to write a rhyming poem,

But now I don’t think it’s so cool

That’s all

*Overwhelming amounts of polite and adoring snaps*













I call it the screaming lightbulb, thank you

*Hooting hollering, and other such forms of loud affirmation*

I understand how difficult it may be to read these final lines, as your eyes are blurred by tears by the sheer beauty of my writing. But, I implore you, steel your heart and calm your emotions. For there shall be more in the future. I bid thee ado.

4 thoughts on “Poems for a New Season by Heath Thompson

  1. Heath, my knees hurt too…
    My heart is steeled and my emotions are calmed, but I do hope for a sequel sometime soon!

  2. Heath, you have touched my soul. Next time I scream (as I do regularly), I will do so in the shape of your screaming lightbulb to bring me comfort.

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