Dylan. By Zara Troupe

When you walk into the writing center and go to the left side of the room, you will find a bulletin board on that back wall. On that board there is a paper skeleton, and his name is Dylan. Dylan was a writing center intern all the way back in 2016 when it first opened. In fact, some of the writing center’s success came from Dylan himself. He was very friendly and welcoming and overall just great with people. Dylan loved being an intern, and he found a deep satisfaction and sense of purpose with helping his fellow students here in the writing center. In 2017, Dylan died. 


Dylan loved the writing center so much, he never wanted to leave. So he didn’t. Dylan decided that after graduation he would come back to the writing center and stay there over the summer so he could surprise Ms. Lawlor when she came in. However, the surprise was not the one he intended it to be. In case you didn’t know, the writing center is stocked with snacks and drinks. In his arrogance, Dylan thought that would be enough to last him through the summer. But he ran out within the week, and because it was summer the door was locked and he was unable to get out. He had two choices at this point. He could either jump out of the window, or he could wait for someone to come find him. He should’ve picked the window. 


When August came around, and the school was opened again. Poor, naive Dylan was found. When Ms. Lawlor came in, the room was almost the exact same as she left it. The only change? There was now a small skeleton on the bulletin board with a name tag beside it. But how did Dylan get there, and who wrote the name tag?

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  1. My caddy has a little alien named Wendle, maybe we should get them together for an SWC mascot meeting!
    Very informative!

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