Quarantine Lessons by Julia Mennes


2020 was undoubtedly a difficult year. In an attempt to not discredit the challenges many had to face, I will put it this way: I am privileged to be able to say I had a surprisingly good time in quarantine. The pandemic allowed me to take a breath and really reflect on the “normalcy” of my life. I finally had time to finish the many chores and projects I had been putting off. I had the energy to pursue new hobbies like baking (mostly sourdough bread, along with the rest of the world). My family became closer than ever as we took long walks with our quarantine rescue dog and held daily pickleball tournaments in the driveway. Now that most places have opened back up and many of us are back to our busy schedules, I ask, what lessons and/or changes should we bring forth into our post-pandemic lives? While I can’t say I have made any major epiphanies or turned my lifestyle upside down, I have adopted a few habits that I am trying my best to continue as the pace of life picks back up.


Practicing some form of body movement every day


Reading (for pleasure, not for school!)


Making my bed every morning, even if I have nowhere to go


Hiking (or just getting outside) as often as I can


Regularly texting/calling my grandparents


Attempting to meditate (it’s hard!)


I’m sure there are more that I cannot remember, but I think self-reflection is one of the most important ways to keep yourself grounded. Small or large, the pandemic is sure to have left some kind of impact on all of us and it is important to reflect on that.

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