Judging ChatGPT’s Responses to My Questions by Sarah Marcus

As we all know, ChatGPT is becoming a headline all around us. Students are looking at how they can use this to solve their homework, and teachers are worried that they will no longer be able to catch plagiarism. However, I decided to ask chat GPT some much more important questions that it would surely not know the answer to. I will be judging ChatGPT’s responses to my very random and unanswerable questions.

My first question is very straightforward and has a clear answer; should I do my homework?

The clear answer is no. I did not want to do my homework. The failure of this first response made me worried about the harder questions I was about to ask it. Because of this concern, I decided to ask a very simple question: name a college. However, I was again disappointed by the response. While the first answer was perfectly adequate, though it gave me more history than I asked for, when I went to generate a new response and then generate another one, the only college it would give me the name of was Harvard. All of the thousands of colleges there are, and it only gave me Harvard. That is about the most basic answer anyone can get. This amazing new technology advancement was not looking that amazing.

So, I wondered if maybe it was my fault. Maybe I was undermining its intelligence, so I decided to ask it a very controversial question, one that people have been discussing for ages, but there’s no way for an AI to know. I decided to give it a shot. I asked, “who is the hottest celebrity?”

Although I didn’t receive an answer to the very important question I was asking, I gained a lot of respect for ChatGPT based on its answer. Clearly, ChatGPT has very strong values, which I support. This response not only demonstrated good values but the AI seemed to judge me for asking such a question. Why was I judging people based on their appearance? Maybe ChatGPT does know all the answers.

Because of this newfound faith, I decided I would up the difficulty of my questions. So I asked it what TV show I should watch? As it hopefully knows nothing about me, I was worried whether it would give me good responses. And honestly, I was pretty impressed.While this wasn’t the most unique list of shows I’ve ever seen, it did give me good recommendations. Specifically Breaking Bad, The Office and Handmaid’s Tale. Does it know that I’m trying to write my English IA on the Handmaid‘s Tale? Does this thing know me? Also does it know I’m from New Mexico? Because everyone and their mom has recommended Breaking Bad for me and I know I NEED to watch it. And then obviously The Office. I love The Office. Maybe ChatGPT does know all the answers. Because even though it has no idea who I am, it gave some pretty good recommendations. Even the recommendations I haven’t specifically mentioned aren’t bad. My grandfather is constantly referencing clips from The Crown about some theoretical family member who is being portrayed in that show.

So I rounded it off with a very hard question. Just like many teenagers, I suspected that ChatGPT has a secret note in its phone where it keeps a list of baby names. During my first attempt, it only gave me the most popular names. I wanted to know what unique names were on its baby’s name list. Sadly this list did somewhat disappoint. But I do now understand the theme it has for unique baby names. So based on the questions, my opinion is still up in the air about whether this is the most amazing thing ever. But I have to say, based on what I’ve seen, ChatGPT does have some pretty good answers (and also some pretty bad ones).

5 thoughts on “Judging ChatGPT’s Responses to My Questions by Sarah Marcus

  1. This is a fun approach to ChatGPT as advice columnist, pop celebrity column writer, and personal consultant.

  2. Everything AI seems to work better when I see it on TikTok than when I do it myself. Makes me so disappointed.

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