My Top 10 Songs of All Time (According to Spotify) By Claire Borden

The other day, I came across a website called receiptify, that will tell you your most listened to songs of all time, or in my case, the two years I have had spotify. All of these songs have meant so much to me, and I love seeing them compiled in a list, evidence of the sheer amount of time I have spent listening to each one. As I reflected on each song, I listened to them, and was reminded again of why they are all so special. 

  1. Night Shift- Lucy Dacus. This is a song I discovered with my sister about a year and a half ago. It became a staple in our night time drives and it still makes me think about when she used to live at home. It is the perfect accompaniment to a good scream-cry. 
  2. Moon Song- Phoebe Bridgers. This song reminds me of driving home at night in the summer. It is perfect for wallowing. One of my favorite memories from this year is hearing this song in concert last fall with my friends. I love the songwriting and how personal it feels.
  3. Something- the Beatles. This is my favorite Beatles song. I absolutely love the way the guitar sounds and how simple the lyrics are. I listen to this song when I am feeling melancholy and nostalgic. 
  4. America- Simon and Garfunkel. I would probably say this is my favorite song of all time. My dad introduced me to it, and it always reminds me of him, and how it never fails to make him cry. This song makes me want to look out at the ocean on a rainy day and reflect. I think it reflects the best of Simon and Garfunkel. Earnest and poignant lyrics, and  stunning harmonies.
  5. April Come She Will- Simon and Garfunkel. This song feels like walking through the woods on a misty day. It is profoundly beautiful and I wish it were longer than one minute and 49 seconds. 
  6. I Want You- Mitski. This song is often too sad to listen to, even for me, and it is kind of worrying that I listened to it enough times to have it appear on this list. It isn’t even the satisfying sadness that goes along with a good cry; it’s the kind of sadness that stops you in your tracks and makes you stare into space. When I listen to this song, everything just slows down. 
  7. Fade Into You- Mazzy Star- This song puts me in a trance. It is romantic and nostalgic and is the kind of song you slow dance to with someone you love, although maybe I only say this because it was in the school dance scene of Gilmore Girls. Regardless, it’s an amazing song. 
  8. I’ll Be Seeing You- Billie Holiday. This song reminds me of sitting in an old fashioned parlor and looking out the window at the rain, thinking about someone you love. This song seems to go on forever, but simultaneously is also way too short, and the last note leaves an impact long after the song ends. 
  9. Family Business- Kanye West. This is my favorite Kanye song, and one of the only songs that genuinely makes me smile when I sing along. It reminds me of the first warm day in spring. It is just so wholesome and sweet and feels so genuine to me. 
  10. Box of Rain- The Grateful Dead. This is the song that I put after a bad day, because it seems to always put things in perspective. It feels melancholy, while also being overwhelmingly hopeful. It is one of the only songs I never skip past, because it is so comforting.

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