I Am in Control by Claire Ockner

I am in control, at least that’s what I tell myself

I control these words,

I control the steadiness of my breath,

I control what I say, what I do,

And when I do it.


I control what I think, don’t I?

Or do you — the part of me that is not me,

The part I can’t control.

Breathe in, breathe out

I am in control.


They’re just busy, I say

No, they’re dead, you reply

And then I spiral and spiral

And it just won’t stop —

Breathe in, breathe out

I am in control.


I keep you safe, you tell me

All you do is hold me back

From everything, absolutely everything.

Breathe in, breathe out

I am in control.


You are gone, for now

I’m sure you’ll come back, though

Today is mine, and mine only

I am in control.

I Want to Write a Poem by Astrid Braun

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I want to write a poem

But I can’t sort out my thoughts

Or feelings in a way that will

Flow and satisfy


Today is one such that

My body reflects the lethargy

Present in my mind, the swirling pool

Of emotions caused by nothing


I like to solve Sudokus

Eyes scanning, pen at the ready

Focusing on anything but the problems

That have no answer and no origin


It focuses me, in a way little else can,

A relief from constant introspection

My bad habit in excess

And my savior in uncertainty

Two Years Later by Claire Ockner

it is that time of year again,

the day is almost here –

the one that stained my calendar

and cost me all my years.


the pages turn, the months unfold,

each seeming like the last –

but all are stained by that cursed date,

that makes the present past.


twenty-four pages ripped,

but each feels like the first –

two years, or minutes, I’m unsure,

since the day that my world burst.


two years your head’s been made of stone, 

two years my heart has froze –

And still it feels like minutes since

our world was overthrown.