Farewell to the Raider Marching Band by Ian Marr


A high school senior’s year is bound to contain countless opportunities, as well as painful farewells. For me, possibly the most profound parting I’ve endured has been from the Shaker drumline. It’s been four long football seasons that I’ve spent with these musicians rehearsing and performing at halftime shows. We’ve played at community events and pep rallies, and we’ve paraded across Shaker Heights on Memorial Day. At the end of each season, I’ve stood on the sidelines, watching the senior percussionists proudly marching across the football field with their parents on Senior Day. That’s what I’ve done for three years, and during those times it seemed to escape my mind that eventually I’d be one of the musicians being celebrated for all their hard work put into the band.

Growing up with the percussionists has been nothing short of inspiring. Even through frustration and impatience, I can’t think of a group of musicians that I’d rather have spent my games with. Once you’ve stood outside in 35 degree weather at 7:00 at night in the wind and rain, you realize that the people enduring it right there with you are really the best comrades you could ask for. Thanks to the Raider Marching Band for making it an amazing last season for me.

(Until the Italy tour in spring 2019, I’ll be waiting.)