Rating My Costumes by Evelyn Rossman

This weekend, I will be performing in my school’s production of Mean Girls: The Musical as Regina George. She is the Queen Bee. She is stylish, back-handed, and everything that you have ever aspired to be. She also has a ton of outfits. Today, I will be rating my Regina George outfits. I was only able to take pictures of some of them, so you’ll just have to see the show to find out what the rest look like 😉

Act 1:

Outfit #1: The Cardigan outfit 10/10
This is by far my favorite outfit in the whole show. Not only is it totally classic Regina, complete with the shirt and cardigan combo that she wears in the movie, but it is super comfy and functional. We love a skirt with shorts built in!

Outfit #2: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink 9/10
I’m not a big pink-wearer, so being able to wear this costume was so much fun! The skirt unfortunately does not have shorts underneath (sad) but I have my trusty spandex to solve that. I was a bit unsure about the sleeves at first, but they’re kind of growing on me.

Outfit #3: Halloween 6/10
I’m very conflicted about this costume. I started out hating it, but after some alterations, I feel pretty ok about it. It still doesn’t blow me out of the water. I like the corset, but personally I would have rather had the Playboy bunny costume from the movie.

Outfit #4: Quickchangequickchangequickchange 6.5/10 (blue shirt and black skirt)
To be honest, this costume isn’t on long enough for me to make any strong impressions about it. I put this costume on directly after the Halloween costume, and I have about 30 seconds to do so before coming back onstage, so this outfit is associated with many stressful emotions. Still, it’s very comfy, so I like that.

Outfit #5: Holly Jolly Costume Malfunctions (also a quick change) 3/10 (just a cheap Santa costume)
This is by far my least favorite costume. This mostly has to do with the fact that the skirt is held together by a magnet because it falls off in the middle of a scene. Although this means that the skirt can easily fall off, it makes it a little bit too easy, and I have to constantly check that it doesn’t fall apart too early. I’m just generally not a huge fan of this.

Outfit #6: You Can’t Sit With Us (yep, we’re still doing quick changes) 7.5/10
It is so refreshing to be able to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt after running around for an hour and a half. It’s super easy to change into quickly, and it’s very comfy. It would honestly be perfect if it weren’t for the fact that the areas both on and off stage are extremely hot, so I’m sweating buckets in this.

Act 2:
Outfit #7: Revenge Dress 9/10
I love everything about this outfit. The shirt is almost identical to the one Regina wears in the movie, and I absolutely love the skirt. I’m also a bit biased because this is the outfit I wear when I sing my solo “World Burn”, and I always feel very powerful whenever I’m wearing it :))

Outfit #8: Spring Fling With a Twist 5/10
We’re finally at the end! This is a dress that I’ve had for a couple of years, and it’s super reliable and fits me very well. I also love the color! The neck brace adds a bit of a problem: it’s uncomfortable, especially when I have to do an entire dance in it, but I just smile through the pain.

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  1. I got to see the 2nd night of Mean Girls! It was a great performance by all. The costumes especially were super accurate to the spirit of the movie.

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