Lying Through The Game by Nolwenn Chemali

Life is a game. My life, I can assure you, is crazy. I do so many things all the time, that main character energy radiates off me like my robotic tiger’s eyes.

Life is a game, they say, you can do anything you want and not feel guilty about it.

Take this one time, when my mom’s second cousin climbed up on a roof and did 3 front flips into a pool while juggling torches. At the same time, I threw those mini fireworks (that we all love) at him while he tried to avoid them. He did. He does everything perfectly. 100 points for execution. Every time I see him, I have him sign my Guinness World Record book. Unfortunately, he lives in the Azores, training monkeys, and killer whales, so I don’t get as many signatures as I would like.

That reminds me of this one time I jumped out of a plane and rode on an ostrich’s back. Some people may not know this, but ostriches are starting to be able to fly. I got lucky and found one ahead of the evolution quota. Honestly, it was a little bit cold, and I didn’t like it.

It doesn’t nearly compare to when I rode on a camel in the desert for a year. This experience was the opposite of cold, plus a little bit better for my fear of heights. I still remember wrapping the scarf around my head, ensuring maximum protection from the grains of sand. Boy was it windy, but this I liked. The desert adventure was an opportunity to really ground and connect with myself. I learned a lot from my year on sabbatical. It was sure worth the ride.

The more I reflect on the meaning of life, the more I realize the extent to which we shouldn’t hold back. Life is supposed to be full of awesome adventures (like the ones mentioned above). There should be absolutely no sentiment of sadness or anxiety in life. It’s a game, games are fun. These feelings prevent us from winning, even though we all experience them. The biggest thing I’ve learned from my experiences is that you just have to rock who you are. If you do what you want, coolness will manifest itself.  Sometimes, things are supposed to make sense, but other times they really don’t. Playing the game is for wimps, living the game is the right way to go.

7 thoughts on “Lying Through The Game by Nolwenn Chemali

  1. Real Gamers know that the best part of life is the part where they get to lie. Also say hi to Erik Fishman for me 🙂

  2. This reminds me of this one time I was skydiving and the parachute didn’t open, but a hot air balloon crossed my path and I was able to hold onto the basket until we got close to the ground. I felt like a winner in the game of life that day!

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