I’m Really Gonna Miss This Place by Brendan Zbanek

Shaker Heights High School
My first — and only — favorite high school. (Besides East High from High School Musical)

When this blog gets posted, there will be six school days until my last day of high school before I check out for senior project. Woah. That sounds crazy to say! 

At the beginning of this school year, I posted a TikTok that was like “How am I already a senior?? This is crazy!” and one of last year’s seniors commented something along the lines of, “It’s gonna fly by, just enjoy it.” Unsurprisingly I just blew off that comment because it sounded so corny, but now… that comment feels real. 

As ready as I am to leave this place and move on to my future life out in LA, I’m really gonna miss this place. My mom went here, my grandpa went here, I go here now, and my little brother just started this year, so this building holds a sentiment in my heart and in my family that is very special, and I can’t believe that my time here is over.

In the last four years, I have really gotten to know this building inside and out. So using whatever knowledge I have gained from my time here, these are my top tips for making the most out of this high school.

  • For the boys: use the third floor bathroom. By far the best bathroom in this school! (Well, at least for boys) There is rarely anyone in there, and it’s pretty spacious and better scented, compared to the Egress and science wing bathrooms that give me nightmares. Most boys bathrooms are gross – just because, you know, boys – but this one is the superior choice.
  • Befriend Mrs. Brem and Mrs. Chengelis. I have never experienced getting to miss Crew so often because of random meetings for prom, senior festivities, and various other things. Crew is slightly painful to sit through, but getting to go to Chengelis’ office and take too many pieces of candy always makes my day and no doubt tops whatever ‘fun’ activities they have for us in Crew!
  • Do the morning announcements. Even though we only do announcements twice a week, it is by far the most fun I have in the whole week. It is always a little power trip to know that the whole school is listening to what I am saying, and I will never get tired of reading about what room YEH’s weekly meeting is in this week – hint: it’s always in the same room… I have no idea why we have to read it every week.
  • Dress up for the spirit weeks. 100% the most fun part of the school year is walking around and seeing everyone randomly dressed as an elderly person or a 90’s rapper ON THE SAME DAY. As a student council member, I do have to say that unlike popular opinion, we do work and we do try to make school more fun! SO DRESS UP! It makes it more fun for everyone!!
  • Eat the gosh darn cafeteria food. It’s actually good. Everyone loves to hate on our food, but I honestly enjoy it. No, it’s obviously not always a gourmet Michelin star restaurant, but it’s honestly pretty solid. There are good days, and there are some not-so-great days, but there is always something good to eat, whether it is in the main lunch line, the fake Bibibop line, or the fake Chipotle line.  
  • Say “yes” to anything and everything. I am incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities the high school has given me, and a lot of those came from simply saying “yes” to someone. I know that it is a complete privilege to say this, but if you are able to say yes, then what is the point of saying no. I got to host the Shaker Schools Foundation’s ‘Night For the Red and White,’ go to the justice center downtown and act for a trial case in front of a real judge, design our official class T-shirts, make countless connections with both adults and my peers that I know will last my whole life, and just a whole bunch of other random things. So when someone asks if you’re interested in doing something, say “yes!”
  • Just have fun! These four years are going to ZIP by. Faster than you would ever think. So, just try to enjoy it because at the end of your senior year you’re going to realize how much you will miss it. Some of the people that I see in the hallway everyday I will probably never see again, and I’m even going to miss them – even though I’ve never talked to them. Yes, these years are probably going to be some of the hardest, but you will get through them – I promise. So just try to enjoy them!

Anyways, now that I am slightly emotional about graduating and officially done with my final writing center blog, I am more ready for graduation than ever! No, these four years have not been the easiest, but I am very grateful for everything that has happened. And I can say with 100% certainty that I am really gonna miss this place 🙁

6 thoughts on “I’m Really Gonna Miss This Place by Brendan Zbanek

  1. These goodbye blogs are making me all verklempt. Don’t forget your Ohio core when you’re living your best life in LA. Come back and say “Hi” whenever you’re in town.

  2. I think my biggest regret over the last four years is not putting myself out there more. I kind of just coasted along and let things happen to me, so if there are any underclassmen actually reading this, LISTEN TO HIM!!!!

  3. Ms. Brem for the win!!!!!! she and ms. morrical r literally the best (esp if you have a question about anything). Gonna miss SHHS so much and this blog just made my post-HS blues ever bluer.

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