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When I sat down to write my last ever SWC blog, I was a little nervous. The idea of doing something for the last time unsettles me, and it feels like a lot of pressure to cram four years of reflection into one blog. I am also trying to shove graduation out of my mind as much as possible, as I am terrified of change. That said, I still wanted to treat this blog with the weight it deserved, and say something cumulative about my high school experience. That is why I have chosen to write about classes that I’ve loved throughout my four years here. I say “classes I’ve loved” because I have had meaningful experiences in every single class I’ve taken, and choosing favorites stresses me out. I am someone who gets very attached to classes. Each one is an important part of my routine, and feels like a mini community. I had fun taking a trip down memory lane and spending some time reflecting on classes that hold meaning for me, and of course I am very partial to the “list” format of SWC blog post so all in all this was a blast to write. Enjoy!

1. Physical Science- this was the first time that I enjoyed a science class. It was really difficult for me but I worked hard in conferences and even came in before school to get extra help understanding the concepts. I was so proud of my grades in this class because none of it came easily to me. I remember laughing a lot in this class and the vibes were just really good with my classmates and our teacher.

2. Geometry- This class was a ton of fun because it was a mix of freshman and sophomores and I got to meet a bunch of new people. I loved my teacher, and I still appreciate how he would let us ask homework questions in the evening over remind. I was really insecure about my math skills from middle school but geometry came really easily to me. One of my proudest math class moments to this day was when I solved a proof in a way my teacher hadn’t thought of before and he shouted me out to the class! While not that impressive now, it was really good for my fragile 9th grade self esteem. 

3. APUSH- This was without a doubt the most influential class I have ever taken and by far the hardest. I have never worked so hard and cared so much about a class, even though I took it fully online. APUSH was an obsession for me even though I complained about it constantly. I barely remember anything that I learned in any of my other classes that year, but I confidently believe that I could still ace any of the 40 questions. Even working on this blog I’m itching to write an LEQ outline!

4. IB History SL (EurAsia)- This class was a natural next step after APUSH, because it was taught by the same teacher and required many of the same skills. It was truly out of my comfort zone because I was the only junior in a class full of all the smartest, most tryhard IB seniors, but this forced me to bring my A-game every day and be truly prepared for class. I loved that there was never any busy work and it was run sort of like a college class- our only homework was readings, preparing for debates, and studying for tests. I have never been so transfixed by lectures, or engaged in discussion, and by the end of the year I knew I wanted to study history in college.

5. 11 English Advanced- I loved that this class was an outlet to simply read and analyze books. I loved almost everything we read, and the writing assignments were challenging but fun. I remember being terrifed by the passage explication assignment where I had to basically teach a lesson on an excerpt of House of the Spirits, but it ended up going so well which made me feel so much more confident in my public speaking abilities. Our class dynamic was super fun, and I loved my teacher, of course (Ms. Grey!). I just love English classes, and this was a truly great one. 

6. WRITING CENTER- I adore being a writing center intern. It makes me so happy to feel truly helpful. I also love that the writing center allows me to make connections with students of all ages with whom I might not otherwise get to engage. I love to dissect writing, helping a student find the best way to express their ideas. Aside from conferencing, this class is also just a fun way to unwind and talk during slow periods and I’m really going to miss our discussions and class dynamic. I will definitely be working in the writing center in college. 


6 thoughts on “Classes I’ve Loved By Claire Borden

  1. Claire,

    I feel honored that two of the three classes I taught you made your list. I am so proud of your hard work and growth over the three years I’ve known you. I have no doubt that you will achieve whatever you set your mind to.

  2. Claire, first off, I feel the same way about graduation. It feels so crazy that such a huge (and exciting) change is happening soon. Also, that’s the best way I’ve heard someone describe the routine of going to school. I always struggle with ending my routine and leaving the little communities I’ve established in each class. But also 10th grade English (with Ms. Grey) and of course writing center were great classes!

  3. My list would probably be the exact same as yours but with the added experience of freshman-year a capella choir that turned out to be a show choir (yikes). Nonetheless, a valid and thoughtful list : )

  4. APUSH was both the hardest and best class I’ve taken. It really taught me how to “AP.” But it was so good. Would never want to do it again, though

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