My Biggest Fears Pt. 2 by Jaimee Martin

I had so much fun compiling this list of ‘my biggest fears’ in the original part of this blog that I’ve decided to make a part two. Guaranteed to be just as authentic and relatable as the last one or 100% of your money back!

Happy reading! :    )

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-potato roots

-accidentally oversleeping all of my ib exams

-highway driving in the snow

-ugly crying at graduation

-being forced to dance before i’m warmed up

-figuring out that i really do have superpowers

-tazing myself in an endless cycle like in the movies

-getting a bunch of cavities and having all of my teeth pulled out

-accidentally cutting my finger off when i’m cutting paper strips

-falling asleep in such an awkward position that i can’t get up when i’m awake

-becoming enlightened to some incredible secret that i can’t tell anyone about otherwise the government will kill me

-blah blah blahbitty blah

-getting electrocuted by an outlet because i plugged it in wrong

-getting pantsed

-getting road raged by a scary person

-outer banks never coming to a finale

-getting a nuclear bomb dropped near my home or school

-the food at prom

-meeting a joe goldberg irl and they’re so good that i really can’t tell

-getting hit by a large piece of space junk and no one understanding and leaving me on the street

-getting carjacked

-fire ants

-that toys actually are sentient

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