I’m Writing this Blog to Let You Know That I Just Applied for an AARP Card by Reece Turner

“Hm. Why?” would be an appropriate response, I think, and I’m glad you asked. For those who don’t know, AARP is, in a phrase lightly paraphrased from the dusky catacombs of Wikipedia, a lobbying/interest group for Americans over 50. While this may seem antithetical to my general outlook, AARP membership brings with it something that I simply can’t ignore: deals. Unfortunately, that whole “over 50” thing seems to put a dent in my plans, right? Wrong. Thanks to a little something called “age based discrimination,” AARP (whose acronym used to stand for the American Association for Retired Persons but now stands for nothing) legally has to allow membership to people of any age. With that out of the way, let’s get into some of the aforementioned deals. First off, the price of the card. For only $12 a year you get everything mentioned below:

  • ~30% off car rentals. If you rent 1 car a year the card is basically paying for itself, provided you use the car for a decent amount of time (a couple days I think, but my math could be wrong). Unfortunately, as I am 18 I cannot legally rent a car.
  • Hotels – most hotels give 10% off any room (the ones that seem to hate the elderly only give 5 but you can avoid those), however similarly to the car rental issue mentioned above, most hotels require you to be 21 to check into a room.
  • Ticketmaster offers significantly reduced price on certain tickets, including and limited to “Donny” (googling the name gave no exact results) and “PAW Patrol Live! “Heroes Unite,”” which seems to only be playing on April Fools Day in Indianapolis. If anyone has any grandchildren in Indiana please let me know.
  • Life Insurance – Throw a comment under this blog if you want to be listed as a beneficiary because I’m looking at these rewards and I’m starting to think that’s the only way I’m getting my money’s worth from this thing.
  • 15% of Denny’s. This may just be how I break even. I’m looking at the menu and I’d only need to order 8 Denny’s Super Slam™s over the next year to make my $12 back, which feels doable.

To conclude, do I recommend becoming an AARP member before turning 20? No. Will I make my money back? Probably not. Did I throw away $12 for a really stupid bit? Please don’t ask me this question. On a separate, unrelated note, if anyone is interested in cheap breakfast food, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “I’m Writing this Blog to Let You Know That I Just Applied for an AARP Card by Reece Turner

  1. this is wonderful! i will be applying for one of these cards now, but only for the paw patrol live discount.

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