Let Me Cry About Gay Pirates by Beckett Smith

Do yourself a favor and go watch Our Flag Means Death. I mean it. Stop what you’re doing, put down your phone or your laptop, and watch this freaking show. Then come back and read this, because there will be spoilers and I refuse to censor myself for your comfort.

Alright, are you back? Are you outraged? Frothing at the mouth over that ending? Don’t you want to know what happens next? (Imagine dealing with that all while waiting for stupid HBO to renew it).

Me too. And good news! They’ve finished filming the second season, and I’m hoping will start releasing before summer starts. So here are my hopes and predictions for the second season.

First off, my hopes.

Like so many other fans of the show, I am hoping desperately for a reunion for the found family that was built up in the first season. If you’ve followed my instructions, then you’re still grappling with the pain that the finale caused. Every couple you’ve grown attached to, every friendship and line of trust, broken apart like it brought the writers of the show joy to do so.

My hopes are that Stede and Ed get the happy reunion they deserve, free of the pain and heartbreak that they were left with. I hope that they don’t waste anytime on petty fights and anger. They both spent too much time unhappy to get caught up on this. I’m also desperate for Lucius to be okay. The rest of the crew too, but I’m less worried about them since they weren’t pushed overboard.

I’m worried that reality won’t match my expectations though.

If anything, I think that Stede and Ed will not be reunited in this season. I’m sure that someday they’ll find their way back to each other, but for now, that is but a distant dream. Well, I DO think that they’ll find each other this season, but I think they’ll spend the entire thing trying to kill each other. Which, you know, fair enough. Sometimes you have to try to murder the person you love before you can let yourself be vulnerable with them.

I do think that most of the crew will be okay. Lucius’s death wasn’t final enough to have been real. His character is too important to be killed off like that. And Stede had already found the rest of the Revenge’s crew in the end of season 1.

I’m excited to see what I’ve gotten right and wrong, and can’t wait for the season 2 to release.


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  1. I checked. We got rid of HBO. Now I’m both curious and sad. I hope season 2 lives up to your expectations!

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