A Brief Analysis of My Apple Music Wrapped by Elle O’Brien

It’s finally December; the holiday season is here, snow is coming, and most importantly, your Spotify Wrapped is out. Your Spotify wrapped tells you everything you already knew about yourself; but puts it in a format that’s bright and colorful, and it allows you to post it as an Instagram story. I love going through everyone’s Spotify Wrapped; it lets you see (or hear, rather) a side of someone that you might not normally. 

Unfortunately for me, I have Apple Music. In years past, I have lamented the release of Spotify Wrapped,because I didn’t have anything to show for my love of music. No one would ever know how many hours I listened to Hamilton alone in my room (in retrospect, maybe this is a good thing). But Tim Cook heard my prayers! This year, Apple Music finally rolled out Replay, which gives you your music stats for the year. So, here is a brief analysis of my results:


#1: Taylor Swift

Okay, I know that I said Wrapped tells you everything you already knew about yourself; but I did not know this about myself. Never would I have thought that I listened to Taylor Swift so much this year. I mean, I love Taylor Swift, but she’s definitely not the first thing I listen to most of the time. I quickly realized how I got this result: for probably 200 of the 365 nights of the past year, I have fallen asleep listening to Folklore. Why? I don’t know. It sort of just became routine. So, that took up a lot of my “listening” minutes. Anyways, congrats to Taylor for taking the top spot! I love Midnights, by the way.

#2: Harry Styles

If you know me, you know that this makes sense. Harry’s House is on repeat 24/7. 

#3: Simon and Garfunkel

Kind of a 180 from Harry Styles, but I also wasn’t surprised by this. When autumn arrives, Simon and Garfunkel call. I feel like “The Only Living Boy in New York” is the ultimate fall anthem. Some may say that this is grandpa music, but I don’t care.

#4: Bon Iver

Bon Iver is one of the newer artists on my list in terms of how long I’ve been listening to them. I knew a few of their songs but this year I really explored their music and loved it. “For Emma” is the best song ever. I still don’t know how to say Bon Iver unfortunately. 

#5: Brandi Carlile

I can’t say enough about Brandi Carlile. She is just the best. Sort of folk-y, sort of country-y, sort of rock-y. Whatever genre she falls into, you will find a song that you love. She’s just so cool. Everyone go listen to Brandi Carlile right now. 

Who were your favorite artists? Let me know in the comments because I actually care so much. 


4 thoughts on “A Brief Analysis of My Apple Music Wrapped by Elle O’Brien

  1. WOOOO APPLE MUSIC GANG!! According to Apple Music I listened to Folklore nearly 400 times and I can’t decide if that’s my biggest red flag or my biggest green flag.

    • there are some interesting artists towards the bottom. i’m gonna look into them, but girllll, diversify your music!! there are no poc’s on this list!

  2. I like to tell myself that I never want to see anyone else’s Wrapped. This reminded me that I’m actually so curious what people listen to deep down.

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