Fine Dining at SHHS by Rafael Bonilha Van’t Hof


Five days a week I have to come to school, and by law, the school is required to provide a lunch for me. A lot of people think that the school does the bare minimum when they make the food, but I on the other hand find the food quite scrumptious. I could destroy at least 3 trays of food from the cafeteria any day of the week. I think that the school lunch deserves more praise than it gets because it kind of hits 5/5 days of the week. So I decided to share some of my favorite lunches that the school provided for me.


A Potato

Some of my favorite lunches were the ones where they just put a potato and a muffin and some protein. What makes this so good is what comes on the side. Every day they brought out the best sides, my personal favorite of which was the pulled pork. Also these were the only days that I have ever seen bacon in the school which is something.

The Mexican Bowl

This is something that I only started getting this year. One of the lines has been transformed into a build your own Mexican bowl and it is pretty good. My biggest complaint with this is that there isn’t enough food in the bowl ever. They only ever fill the bowl up half way and that is not nearly enough, I sit down and it is already gone. 🙁

The Burgoids 

Some days there just isn’t enough bun for all the burgers that need to be served that day, so the staff created the incredible burgoids. They cut the patty in half and they stick it in a hot dog bun. It doesn’t taste any different from a regular burger it is just goofy and I love it. I think I have only seen 3 total in all my time at the high school but that just makes it even more special.


The Mac’n’cheese

This is one of the all time best. Every time I see the mac I have to get it. Not only does the mac slap, but it has some of the best side pairings. Most of the time it gets paired with the pulled pork which is a goated side, but recently I got it with a slab of roast beef with was also a banger. It always brightens my day when I get to have some school mac.

The White “Sauce”

I like almost all of the food that they serve at SHHS, but there is one dish I can’t defend. Never get the pasta and white sauce, it tastes suspicious. In 2021 when they would serve pasta there were 2 options, you could get the watery red sauce with meatballs, or the white “sauce” with chicken. I passed on the white sauce a few times but I got too curious for my own good and tried it and I really shouldn’t have. The best way I can describe it is suspicious. It tasted like someone was trying to make fake cheese and they gave up after a bit. Stay away from this one.


The “Parmesan” Chicken Sandwich 

This lovely sandwich only showed up in the cafeteria once. I don’t remember much about it besides having the “Chicken Parmesan” label and very clearly not having any Parmesan cheese. It looked like the same cheese that is on all of the cheese burgers (and burgoids) at this school.

Meatball Pizza


This is another one of the one hit wonders at SHHS. I don’t have much to say about this one because it really isn’t that special. It’s not bad but it also isn’t better than the pizza they usually have in the cafeteria.

9 thoughts on “Fine Dining at SHHS by Rafael Bonilha Van’t Hof

  1. Rafael,
    As someone who has literally only ever packed my lunch, I found this very interesting and informative. The authentic pictures definitely added to the piece. Not going to lie, I will continue to skip the line and noise of our cafeteria, but I’m glad you find your lunches so appealing. Your name for the “burgoids” made me laugh and it seems entirely appropriate!

  2. school mac and cheese is simultaneously the worst and best thing you will ever consume and I think more people should talk about it. Thank you, Rafael.

  3. This is incredible. The way that the first food was just a potato made me laugh. This was very informative as someone who doesn’t get school lunch often; I’m craving that mac and cheese now though

  4. The school lunches are honestly SO GOOD! My trick is to not look at it and just eat it. I am slightly disappointed you left out the popcorn chicken with mashed potatoes and corn, that’s my favorite!

  5. I have a love hate relationship with the burgoids (I’m only using ‘burgoid’ to refer to them from now on, it’s the perfect name for them), eating them seems like playing a slot machine sometimes in gambling on whether or not they’re gonna taste surprisingly good or you’re gonna have to soak them in ketchup and pray.

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