The Dining Room Table is the Better Place To Do Homework by Matilda Spadoni

I love my dining room table. We have mismatched chairs all around it. The end is always covered in miscellaneous papers, school supplies, and running clothes that I forgot to bring to school. Right now, as I write this blog, we have a Halloween candle that is still burning long past its life expectancy. There is a mason jar with an inch of water that will likely get thrown in with the dinner dishes. My mothers to-do list notebook and our vintage Scrabble Game that we play once a month are sitting by the game instructions to Sleeping Queens (actual game nowhere in sight). This dining room table is and always will be the better place to do homework.

The difference from the miscellaneous items on the dining room table, from the miscellaneous items on my desk is that my desk is much smaller, the room my desk is in is much smaller, and I hate doing work where I sleep. I like to sit at the dining room table overlooking my street through two big windows. Once I’ve set up my area, and began my work, felt super productive and crossed at least two things off of my to-do list, it’s usually time for dinner. And so, all of my stuff gets pushed to the side and we eat. Now it may seem that one would just assume I would start up again after I cleared the dishes. Wrong. This is when my lovely parents reside in the sun room to watch TV and make sure to tell me not to stay at the dining room table. 

This is the worst part of my nightly routine, but each night, I stay at the table just in case. But alas, my father’s philosophy of “you can’t do homework when we’re watching TV” always prevails. 

Maybe the “forbiddenness” of the table makes it more appealing, or maybe I am truly more productive there. I guess I’ll never know. What I do know is that I will take any opportunity to sit there whenever I can. Most weekend days I get to sit there all day. My parents are out of the house, it’s quiet, and I can work for hours. My school supplies slowly creep across the table. Things get pushed back as I neglect them, and new folders filled with undone work and lots of satisfying “to-do list crossing off” potential end up replacing their empty spots. If I was at my small upstairs desk, all of my stuff would end up on the floor next to me. Constantly bending down to get something out of a neglected binder disrupts my productivity prospects. It just isn’t the same!

5 thoughts on “The Dining Room Table is the Better Place To Do Homework by Matilda Spadoni

  1. Ha ha, this made me laugh because we have a similar situation play out nightly in our family dining room with adjoining living room (where the TV is). Our son has recently decided to rebel against doing homework at his desk in his (quiet) room, and has set up homework shop at the dining room table. Hey, as long as it gets done…

  2. I went through this exact struggle when I was younger. I would rebel and do homework at the messy kitchen table sitting next to the random knickknacks I had picked up recently. The best thing ever was when I was able to upgrade to a bigger desk (as the 100-year-old desk my ancestor made became too fragile for high-school-level homework).

  3. I LOVE working at a giant table. It’s so nice to be able to spread out all of your supplies in front of you and not worry about anything falling on the floor.

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