Senioritis by Beckett Smith

I know, I know. It is way to early to already be done with high school. In my defense, though, I’ve been done since last June. I’ve already been admitted and committed to Kent State for like a whole month now. The fact that I have to wait seven more months before I can be done with all this is intolerable. So I’ve been distracting myself by doing anything but my schoolwork.

The number one thing I’ve been doing is anything related to college. Scholarship applications, dorm research, roommate searching, major research, CCP class registration for the spring. Am I going to bring my car? Will I keep my job? So many things to do and decisions to make (never mind that nothing needs to be finished before February). It gets me thinking about college, which distracts me from the fact that I have what feels like an eternity left. There are about a million things to do before I go to school next year, and I will finish them all before April at the rate I’m going.

I’ve also been planning for Christmas. I have a schedule for Christmas cookies. I’m forcing my cousins and siblings to family events, and pushing my mom to start scheduling all of our usual traditions. I even made my own Christmas playlist!

And finally, I’ve been playing video games so much, which, you know, not that unusual for me. I just finished playing AC Origins and I’m starting Valhalla. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Origins, and how fun Valhalla has turned out to be. I’ve also gotten really into the Sims again, go figure. Gotta live vicariously through simulated people when the monotony of your own life is getting to you.

The point of this is that senioritis is hitting me early and hitting me hard. I’m sure I’ll have to scramble to make it through the last half of this year without failing anything, but for now I’m happy with my simple distractions.

6 thoughts on “Senioritis by Beckett Smith

  1. What? I can’t believe that hanging out in the Writing Center didn’t make your list of things you are doing with your time. I also need to give you some reading suggestions…though we will be starting The 57 Bus in Social Issues after break!

  2. Congrats on knowing on where you want to go to college! And yes, you better keep your job! I don’t want to be the only senior there! 😭

  3. I completely agree! As someone who is always doing school 100% of the time, it is weird trying to find a balance between I don’t care and getting these last few months done. I have started doing random college research half the time while also knowing I should get my current school work done. Doing any homework that cannot be done in bed while listening to music is too much lol.

  4. I’ve had senioritis since before the school year started and it’s horrible. Also, congratulations on your commitment!

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