Really Cool Lego Sets I don’t Have the Money for by Sarah Marcus

Whenever I see an ad for Legos or walk through the isles of Target, I always see these really cool Lego sets. However, the problem with this is that they are SOOOO expensive, and I don’t have the time nor the money to purchase all these amazing sets. I also haven’t built Legos since I was like 8 years old. I wasn’t even a Lego kid. I had a few Lego sets throughout the years, but it was never one of my favorite toys. If I could go back and be a Lego kid now, I 100% would. Here is a list of my favorite Lego sets and how much money they cost (spoiler alert: the price is always way too expensive):

  1. The Lego Eiffel Tower  – $629.99 This is just awesome, but I didn’t know that Legos have age limits. Luckily I am barely old enough to build this 18+ Lego set.
  2. The Globe – $229.99  In my brain, an office needs to have a globe. A globe makes you look official and shows that you are successful. Even though I learned about the biases behind maps in TOK last year, I think for my fully-official, adult office, I will need a globe. The thing about this globe is you know that if I have it on my desk, I must be REALLY successful. Because this globe not only proves that I have enough money to spend $200 dollars on a Lego set I will use once, but it also shows that I have enough free time to spend hours on this project.
  3. Hogwarts Castle -$469.99 When I think of awesome Lego sets, this is what I think of every time. Hands down. While I will be buying every Harry Potter Lego Set, in my imaginary life, this one will undoubtedly be the first one. My 10-year old self wanted this so bad, even though I was completely unaware of its existence. 
  4. The Lego Typewriter -$249.99  All I can say is I am currently trying to find a justification to buy this for myself.
  5. The Orchid Set -$49.99 This is the room decor I didn’t know I needed, and it’s “actually” under $50 (if you ignore tax and shipping).
  6. Porsche 911 -$169.99 I may never be able to own a Porsche or get up the courage to actually drive it without the fear of immediately crashing or scratching it, but I can buy this Lego set, and my wallet will be just as empty as if I bought the real thing. 

I would keep making this list longer, but I have spent too much time on the Lego website, and I’ve ignored my never-ending to-do list. Tip of Advice: DO NOT GO ON THE LEGO WEBSITE. No one is rich enough to afford all the awesome Legos on that website, and you may become very far behind in other areas of your life as you endlessly add things to your wish list. 

4 thoughts on “Really Cool Lego Sets I don’t Have the Money for by Sarah Marcus

  1. The tragedy of having been born female and never getting any Lego sets for birthdays or holidays (unless it was a Lego Friends set) is something I will never get over. I’m with you in wanting to go back and time, and be a Lego kid.

  2. We are currently having an enthusiastic conversation about Legos and our history with them, in the SWC, right now. Thank you for sharing this awesomeness.

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