Don’t Believe Stupid People by Jakeia C. Banks

Stupid People /adj/
/ˈst(y)o͞opəd ˈpēpəl/
A person who goes out of their way to ruin the hopes, dreams and motivations of others.
A hater

When actress, producer, director, and icon Issa Rae sternly said the words, “Stop believing stupid people,” in a microphone while holding her 2019 Special Achievement Webby Award, my third eye was thrust open.
I have found that others that drink waaaaay too much of the haterade disgust me. When people say I simply can’t, won’t, or will never achieve my dreams—I get so upset. Because—let’s be honest guys—those people rarely benefit anyone’s mental health in the long run.

I think Issa’s words ring so much truer to me as a Black girl. I am always met with skeptical looks when I express my five-year plan. Those looks say to me, with sunken suburban sadness, “Oh, how you dream.” I don’t know how to describe those looks—it’s not exactly pity, but a bit of a mix between doubtful amusement and fascination. Those looks are just exhausting. I urgently want to staple my dreams to my heart and scream, “I DON’T HAVE TOO MUCH DIP ON MY CHIP.” If I give them that big, capitalized statement—surely they will leave the sunken looks for the lost puppies.

I look forward to the future, no matter how much the unknown makes me quiver. I don’t know if it’s 17-year-old naivete, but I think that everyone should have some hope for the way their lives might pan out in every little which way. I try to empathize with these so-called “stupid people” who resort to hateration and simply being jerks. I really do try and put myself in their shoes. Maybe their partner just broke up with them in the rain. Maybe they fractured their pinky toe on their way to work a mundane and greasy job that they despise with every morsel of their being. Maybe their dog died, their hope for a better tomorrow faded with a quarrel with their best friend, the first kiss they hoped to share with their significant other ruined by someone screaming “Fire!” in the movie theater. I know the anger they might be harboring in their hearts every second of the day, living a life full of apathy and cynicism.

But although the average hater might have some elaborate and very compelling villain origin story, I think that the words they spew to people just trying to live their lives are just ugly. Maybe this is my naivete, but is it just too much for people to take a break and be kind to others? It deeply saddens me that Issa Rae and millions of others (including myself) have to put on a thick skin of not believing, filtering out, and simply not entertaining the haters who live in the center of society screaming, “You can’t do it!”

I don’t know who needs to hear this—er, read this—but you are doing exactly what you need to be doing, Your path is decorated with gold and success, and if anyone ever tries to tell you otherwise, you don’t have to entertain their foolishness. You are beautiful, talented, smart, and very much capable of any and everything that you set out to do. Protect your peace, your light and your intention. And remember:

Don’t believe stupid people, kids.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Stupid People by Jakeia C. Banks

  1. Your blogs are always so eloquent. I absolutely adore your writing style, and how many different ways you found to call people haters 🙂

  2. Jakeia,

    I haven’t heard your 5-year plan, but I want to. And I believe that YOU can truly do anything you set your heart to. Ignore the haters and listen to some Beyonce (call out to previous blog).

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