The Best Feelings by Jaimee Martin

As someone who’s been emotional and sentimental all my life, there’s nothing I appreciate more than people or experiences that evoke my intense and complex emotional responses. I just love feeling – regardless of whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’. In fact, I’ve begun to agree with Mayim Bialik’s belief that when we truly introspect we realize that success doesn’t feel that much different than failure. Almost everything I feel is somewhere in the broad ‘ok’ range between good and bad, which only makes me appreciate emotions more because it further exposes said intensity and complexity.

So here I am, in my Notes app once again – where writing meets my intrinsic need to reflect as I feel those feelings. The product: A list I’ve created over many years that embodies the experiences and people who give me the ‘best feelings’. They are highs and lows but the ‘best’ nonetheless because I can’t get enough of them when I’m in the moment. They are the experiences I reminisce on when I can’t feel anything and what I seek when the worst feelings start to creep in. They are little secrets that I hope you’ve felt – and maybe even understood to be the best too.

Happy reading 🙂


crossing the finish line at a half marathon or xc race


dying laughing with people you love over a joke with your specific humor

waking up in the morning without any obligations

watching characters you’ve read about and invested in come to life accurately in a movie or tv show

drinking lots of water and tea or fasting after a week of eating badly

waking up to rain and clouds

long walks with music and someone you love (night or day but especially night)

running in the rain (hot or cold)

buying new clothes and wearing them everywhere

waking up with sore muscles

sleeping in a storm (in the total darkness or with a little nightlight)

staying up late with friends just talking about all the things

getting a really good shuffle on a playlist

walking outside at night into a warm breeze

when you’re around someone so much you both pick up on the way each other talk and your colloquialisms just merge into one

when i see her contact picture come up on my phone

lightning storms (driving in them or watching)

waking up with really good dreams

when you can vividly see the video montage play out in your head to every second of a song

when the one song that you truly wanted to listen to comes up first on the shuffle

morning skinny

fake fighting with your friends

playing a song perfectly on the piano (at home or at a recital)

waking up in the middle of the night and doing stuff (homework, texting people, cleaning) and then sleeping in

having an outward reaction from reading a book and being alone

long hugs with someone you really love

remembering a dream in vivid detail

holding a warm mug of tea when its cold outside

harmonizing well with artists in a song

being validated by someone who is above the law (my piano teacher laura)

opening a can of sparkling water when you’re really thirsty

texting someone that has read receipts on for hours and no one leaves the conversation in between

eating perfectly cooked roasted veggies

reminiscing in detail on a shared memory with someone you love

intuitively recognizing or picking up on artists in songs

having a really good dream you can go back to

cuddling or sleeping with your sibling after catching up on life

rocking a baby to sleep and falling asleep in the chair

getting all of your tears out after an anxiety attack

wearing double layers (leggings and pjs, double hoodies) when it’s not actually that cold but it’s very cozy

singing a song well

being venmoed large sums of money

finishing my hair (after a wash or taking out braids) and going out

the first day that feels like spring seasonally (and days that are perfectly spring after)

memorizing a song and singing it a capella

One thought on “The Best Feelings by Jaimee Martin

  1. Jaimee,
    I love this. It reminds me of my gratitude journal, which always is a pick-me-up to read when I’m feeling down. Though your love for running and rain are highly questionable to me, I still find that we have a lot in common. 🙂

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