The Art of Being Comfy by Matilda Spadoni





Being cozy is such an important part of my life. It is something that I always look forward to at the end of the day, or on a chilly weekend where I miraculously don’t have homework, and so, I present to you my step by step guide to “The Art of Being Cozy” :

  1. Pick a day with “Cozy Weather.” Cozy weather consists of thick clouds, hopefully rain, and if you’re lucky, thunderstorms.
  2. Find the perfect spot. Preferably a corner of a couch, or the corner of your bed. There is something about having two walls of soft surroundings to snuggle into.
  3. Keep extra cozy blankets on hand in case you get chilly.
  4. Pick an activity. Will you read? Maybe do a puzzle, or watch TV. Anything that helps you relax is a guaranteed way to be cozy.
  5. Make sure you have everything you need before you tuck into your environment. I hate getting to the perfect comfortable place and then realizing I forgot my glass of orange juice on the counter where I poured it, or that I have to go to the bathroom.
  6. Put your cozy pants on. I am a firm believer that no one can be truly comfortable in jeans when relaxing. Put your cozy pants on to maximize your cozy experience.
  7. Optional: have an alarm set in case you doze off. Often I get so cozy that I take a little nap, and an alarm prevents that little nap from turning into an all day snooze fest.
  8. Finally! Settle in, you deserve it.

I hope my guide has proved helpful. When I follow these steps, nothing can break the cozy trance. Letting yourself relax and actually take the time to “be cozy” is so important. As school starts once again, I have realized how much downtime is taken for granted. My reality now is homework homework homework, but implementing this eight step cozy agenda into my life every so often means that I am able to de-stress and increases my productivity. I hope it helps you too, and that you  achieve your cozy dreams too.

One thought on “The Art of Being Comfy by Matilda Spadoni

  1. Tilly,
    A whole blog about hygge! So very autumnal of you. Though, I’d suggest that a warm drink like hot cocoa or a pumpkin steamer MAY be more cozy than orange juice…but, to each their own.

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