(A Mini Reflection)/Books my Kids Have to Have by Jaimee Martin

No, David! by David Shannon    Make Good the Promises: Reclaiming Reconstruction and Its Legacies:  Conwill, Kinshasha Holman, Gardullo, Paul: 9780063160644: Amazon.com: Books   Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes: James Dean (Illustrator), Eric Litwin:  9780545419666: Books   Todos hacemos caca: Gomi, Taro: 9780916291778: Amazon.com: Books   Dork Diaries 1: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life - Kindle edition by  Russell, Rachel Renée, Russell, Rachel Renée. Children Kindle eBooks @  Amazon.com.

Well, here I be with my last blog of the year. It’s bittersweet to look back on all the transitions I’ve made creatively, but the most important realization I had seems so elementary now – I should write about what I want to write about. I so, so appreciate the directions that I’ve taken, including the dead ends and bumps along the way. I began with hopes of a monthly music review, but that obviously was unsustainable because I simply had too many thoughts for each song. Next, I drifted into a levitating path that included a mashup of my personality through reminiscing (Sentimentality) and looking ahead (It’s My Birthday: the 17th One) – 17 has been great by the way. And then finally….I found a beat that I really loved and really made sense; I started sharing what I have already written for myself.

I know I’ve said this a million times by now, but my Notes app is so precious to me. It’s evidence of my innate need to write and through blogging it, I’ve uncovered the value of those words that were just for me. Recording all the different parts of myself, knowing myself, and expressing myself is all pretty cool, but it’s brought to life when I can put it out there on a platform. I feel connected in a different way when others have the chance to relate. Anyway, in contrast to reflecting and reminiscence, the last list I want to share is one for the future – these are all the books I will most definitely be buying my children.

This list includes all the lessons and entertainment I want them to have from infancy until when they will choose books on their own, but my main goal is to foster a love for literature in my kids. I want reading time to be a regular occurrence in my house, and I hope it guides my children’s imagination and values as they mature. I hope they see themselves and diversity in the characters created by authors across the world. I hope they absorb the Spanish language and culture through translated versions of all the toddler classics. Most of all, I hope they see kids being kids (monsters as they are) in characters like a wild David Shannon from his children’s memoir series No David! and an explorative Peter from Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day.

Of course, if they aren’t readers, then that’s how it was meant to be, but at least I’ll gain this nostalgic feeling for myself. Many of the books on this list are my childhood and middle school favorites, or even literature I turn to now, so to have them on my children’s shelves will be an accomplishment itself. Others of these books I’ve come to know by being an older sister to small children today. I have loved watching them light up to the characters and storylines they immerse themselves in. The rest of these books I found online by intentionally searching for children’s stories which show the messages I want to show my kids – children simply living in a culture that is different from ours, children questioning authority and systems, children being ok with failure, etc.

Maybe you will see something you like and add it to your own list – happy reading 🙂

  1. it’s my body
  2. jesus storybook bible
  3. cordouroy
  4. if you give a mouse a cookie
  5. amelia badelia
  6. pete the cat
  7. where the wild things are
  8. harry potter
  9. goodnight moon
  10. chronicles of narnia
  11. dork diaries
  12. holes
  13. bernstain bears (especially …and the spooky old tree)
  14. juny b
  15. diary of a wimpy kid
  16. the little prince
  17. brown bear brown bear
  18. cam jensen
  19. a fly went by
  20. i am not a duck
  21. chrysanthemum
  22. zen pig
  23. little lucy and her little white lies
  24. everyone poops
  25. my brother martin
  26. the very hungry caterpillar
  27. the nutcracker
  28. dream big, little one
  29. llama llama red pajama
  30. no, david!
  31. the story of my open adoption
  32. fry bread
  33. mommy momma and me
  34. the name jar
  35. i am mixed
  36. stolen words
  37. wonder
  38. song for a whale
  39. make good the promises
  40. the rainbow fish
  41. the snowy day
  42. one
  43. this is how we do it
  44. children’s encyclopedia
  45. the big book of why

One thought on “(A Mini Reflection)/Books my Kids Have to Have by Jaimee Martin

  1. Jaimee,
    Of course you’re planning ahead for your future children’s bookshelves. Of course. 🙂 You have so many great titles on here. Certain lines are echoing through my head, just from reading your list.

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