My Quirks by Jaimee Martin

By now you’re pretty familiar with my compulsive attachment to my Notes app. I’ve shared a decent chunk of my personality by displaying all words I’ve consumed through my quotes list. You know I love The Fault in Our Stars, Chimamanda Adiche, and Sarah J. Maas, but did you know that I hate driving a car alone? Or that if there are crunchy leaves on the sidewalk I have to step on them?

Of course, I have a note for these pieces of me too – It’s called “my quirks”. It’s similar to my avenue of thinking for collecting others’ words because I’m sentimental. I have to hold onto all of the smallest parts of human experiences and identities, including myself. I feel like I know and appreciate myself each time I add to the list, so I want to share it here too.

Happy reading 🙂

-i make routines/playlists in my head

-i have to close all the doors and drawers in my room before i can go to sleep

-i have to be awake for a couple of hours before i can eat

-i go through obsessive-compulsive seasons where i have to sleep sideways on my bed

-i can’t listen to the finale of hamilton without listening to the whole soundtrack first

-i hate reading paperback books because the sensory aspect freaks me out and i feel like the story isn’t as good

-i love smells and i’m always noticing them, i associate smells with everything

-i love every genre of music

-i love the lyrics just as much if not more than the beat of a song because they feel like what makes the music

-i love when artists reference their old songs

-i love to lip-sync to songs i can see myself singing

-i can’t run an odd amount of miles, they have to be whole miles

-i like to call people more than texting

-the way i see myself in my dreams is different than in real life

-i hate running on treadmills, i feel like i’m going nowhere and running outside is superior

-i like wearing socks and sandals to the beach

-i can end up liking pretty much any artist or album if i listen to it enough

-i have to visualize the whole montage that goes along to a song when i listen or i have to start it over

-i like to pretend i’m the actors in a musical

-i love two songs that have same name or iykyk vibe

-i hate texting happy birthday in group chats, texting on the side is better

-i judge how well someone knows me based on how they spell my name

-i like to binge read books, sometimes i have to finish it in one day or i get anxious

-i only listen to music i know in the car, i don’t like listening to a song for the first time when i’m driving

-when people say good morning to me i say hi on instinct

-i have to listen to a whole album in order a couple of times before i can shuffle it

-when i see a worm dying on the ground i have to save it, it’s a compulsion

-i love predicting what song will be next on the queue and being right


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