A Long and Fictional Story by Kian Baker

For my final blog of my senior year, I have decided to post one of the 10-page narratives I wrote for my creative writing class at Tri-C. I couldn’t decide between two storylines. They both begin with the same car crash, but the one I have linked follows the main character, Stephen, and his grieving process. I chose to not use this for my final because the theme is very loose. I tried to display my personal belief that you never really “move on” when the people close to you pass away, their memories are still continuations of their lives in our minds. Grief is a really sensitive subject and writing about it was extremely difficult. A majority of the emotions experienced when someone dies are indescribable. For me, I usually keep those emotions inside, attempting to detach myself from death, so I wrote a character that reflects what I know about my own experience. I would also like to mention that this was for a college class, so there is profanity (which I have blacked out) and mention of illegal drug use. I used these things to display coping mechanisms, so they should not feel out of place in the story. It is a very long read, so enjoy!

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One thought on “A Long and Fictional Story by Kian Baker

  1. Kian,
    I finally had a chance to read this story, which I heard you talking about several times during the composing process. There are some really beautiful moments in this piece. I do love the scene where Stephen almost loses Mailbox. I would love to see you develop this character’s story! I feel like the relationship and memories with Adam deserve to be shared, and I am interested in hearing more about Stephen’s path through grief.

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