Letter to Bed by Lizzy

Dear Bed,

Thank you so much for being there for me at every hour of the day and night. I appreciate you providing a soft, cushiony, platform for me to jump on and collapse onto after a long, tiring day. I thank you for being so enticing that while I’m doing work on my desk, I feel unexplainable compulsions to journey over to my bed and lie down, effectively distracting me from the mountains of stuff I have to accomplish.

I really appreciate that every time I lie on you to take a break, it turns into an hour nap because my eyes just automatically drift off into the abyss. I seriously thank you for giving me thick blankets that keep me warm and cozy, hugging my balled-up body, because I am a very cold person.

I also really like that you’re so accessible, just flashing your puppy eyes at me every time I walk past my room, producing an aura of attractiveness that resemble the irresistible Greek Sirens, and similarly, often ending in my demise.

And lastly, thank you for being there when I need a good cry of breakdown. Sometimes I do enjoy feeling sad with my face in the pillows while I contemplate life and stress.


With love,

Your Parasite


*not my bed, but looks equally comfy*




3 thoughts on “Letter to Bed by Lizzy

  1. Hey Lizzy… a playful quick-write that had me thinking back to my teenaged years: I loved my bed, especially after 3-day weekends of ski racing. Keep at it! Best wishes, Rich Kent, UMaine

  2. Perfect sums up how I think all students feel about their beds (especially this time of year)!

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