Lost Pants: Updated by Anna Welsh

As so of you may remember, I wrote a very, very sad blog post months ago about two pairs of pants I had lost. The first were a pair of thrifted blue jeans, and the second a pair of heathered gray Boston University sweatpants. Now, don’t get your hopes up. Neither of my precious garments have been located. Trust me, the search has continued long after I published that blog post. However, this weekend, I saw my sweatpants.

A girl was walking down Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, toward Kenmore square. I saw her from afar. She was clearly a Boston University student, which I gathered from her very close proximity to the BU campus, her backpack, and… Boston University sweatpants. Seeing them, those glorious pants, sent a wave of emotion through me. I could barely prevent myself from collapsing on the steps of the Citibank in tears. The girl walked past me, paying me no mind. How could she know she was wearing the pants that I had searched for high and low, through treacherous closets and dangerous laundry chutes. There they were, my sweet, sweet sweatpants.

I knew that the sweatpants she wore were not my exact pair. They were a carbon-copy, sold in bulk at the Boston University bookstore across campus. I saw other colors too; students alike wearing red, white, and black versions of the same pants. It was my own personal Hell, a taunting that I could hardly bear. I was Eve, trapped in a sea of contemptuous temptation. They all had exactly what I wanted.

The Boston University Bookstore is a trek from where I first saw the pants. It’s about a mile down Commonwealth, a mile of treacherous terrain and dangers such as college students on rollerblades and the occasional piece of gum flattened on the sidewalk. I never made it. I was deterred by the intimidating students, their raised brow toward me guiding my mom around with visitor pamphlets. More importantly, the sushi place on the way was a little too tempting to pass up.

I have been seriously considering purchasing the sweatpants again. I visited the BU Bookstore website last night, but was unable to justify spending that much money on a pair of sweatpants. However, now that I have visited BU and realized that I really love it, maybe I will have to represent the school again. We will see…



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