Notes and Quotes (a sequel) by Jaimee Martin


I did some condensing and deleting in my notes app, but still, and I think accurately so, I have 445 notes.

I won’t repeat the same information as last time, but by now you know my sentimental nature and bond to the art of writing….So I bring you the second edition of my favorite quotes that I keep tucked close in my mind pockets.

I hope it warms you and makes you feel safe and seen like it does for me – happy reading.


“look let me just say it: he was hot. a nonhot boy stares at you and it is, at best awkward and, at worst, a form of assault. but a hot boy….well” hazel grace (green) tfios pg 9


“i know love is the lonliest place when you fall alone.” camila 0:13 feel it twice


“you see, for me, memories are difficult. very often, they hurt. a curious thing about grief is the way it takes your entire life, all those foundational years that made you who you are, and makes them so painful to look back upon because tof the absence there, that suddenly they’re inaccessible. you must invent an entirely new system.” henry (mcquiston) red, white and royal blue pg 299


“i wonder if some part of me knew that was waiting for me. that i would never be a gentle grower of things, or someone who burned like fire – but that i would be quiet and enduring and as faceted as the night.” feyre (maas) acomaf pg 357


“us against the world, just a couple sinners making fun of hell” dominic 0:42 elliot’s song


“what i said: ‘it’s weird being back at parties, huh?’ what they heard: ‘do your anxieties ever lead to internal screaming?'” henry alford (entry talking points segment in tny) mar 14 2k22 pg 27


“as he read, i fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly then all at once.” hazel grace (green) tfios pg 125


“she chad always been drawn to the untamed, wild things of the world” (maas) acofas


“cath wished she could disappear down a rabbit hole.” (meyer) heartless pg 112


“boy guys, don’t get old…brain cells – start losing em” cathy lawlor, 11 adv eng, a monday 2k22


“i believe that everything happened, exactly the way it had to, so i could find you” rhysand (maas) acomaf


“‘if you want my advice,’ he says slowly ‘love doesn’t grow well, fed on pain.'” madoc (black) the cruel prince pg 283


“they’ve always been fixed points in each other’s worlds, little magnetic poles. some laws of physics would be reassuring right now.” (mcquiston) red, white and royal blue pg 227


“if i keep you here i’ll only be doing it for myself” dominic 0:52 elliot’s song


“what i said: ‘did you read that there’s a party in new york called pheremone, for armpit fetishists who don’t wear deodorant?’ what they heard: ‘in what ways have you tried to hurt your mother recently?'” henry alford (entry talking points segment in tny) mar 14 2k22 pg 27


“oh no, i’ve signed ipads – everything.” david pogue the talk april 6 2k22

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  1. Love these. Though I feel slighted that Ms. Lawlor made the list, and not me. What am I, chopped liver? After all our deep talks??

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