Sestina by Kian Baker

A sestina is a poem with six stanzas that are six lines each, and a triplet at the end. The first six stanzas have the same six words at the end of each line and are arranged in six different sequences that follow a pattern. In the triplet, all six words appear as well. In addition to this complicated mess, the end word of each stanza is the end word of the first line of the next. I wrote a sestina titled Lifelong Friend, which is based partially on my relationship with friends but mostly on my relationship with various family members. Enjoy!

Lifelong Friend


We walk together, one foot in front of the other.

It seems like forever, but I wait until she leaves.

I want to end these dreadful lies,

But I need to keep what’s here.

The feeling keeps hitting like a wave,

Staining my face with every drop.


I lay in bed and let my head drop

Thinking about every other.

From all the times they’ve given me a wave,

To the day we sat in the cold leaves.

We were so close back then, but now we’re here

Telling secrets and spreading the same lies.


I pull my body under where my comforter lies,

Letting my eyes water and every tear drop.

I wish I could stay here,

Where we are separated from each other,

Where nobody ever leaves,

And I don’t have to plead for a single wave.


She pulls me out of bed to go see the wave.

It cheers me up, seeing the water crash where the sand lies.

On the cold shore of the beach where the trees have no leaves,

And winter is announced with each crystal drop.

The sand stays cold, on this side and the other.

The peninsula wraps around the cove, it’s beautiful here.


She knows something is wrong here,

When I don’t return a stranger’s wave.

I’m usually the happier one, unlike the other.

She asks about my day, but I don’t spew lies.

She holds my hand and lets my head drop

Onto her shoulder, slower than the autumn leaves.


Tomorrow is the day she leaves

I want her to stay, to be with me here.

I told her my truth, and she didn’t let me drop.

Our friendship feels deeper than the ocean’s wave

That crashed last night when I corrected my lies

And she stayed with me, completing my missing half with the other.


Maybe when she leaves and we return a wave,

I’ll be happier here and stop the lies,

Maybe let my truth drop, and they’ll be kind to me like each other.

One thought on “Sestina by Kian Baker

  1. Kian
    This was interesting to read. I learned about a new poetry form, and I’m impressed with your poem. Well done!

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