Things To Look Forward To By Claire Borden

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A lot of the time, my life feels fairly bleak. It is a never ending routine of school, sports, work, repeat, with weekends as my only respite. When this feeling strikes, often in bed the night before a particularly stressful day, I like to play a game where I think about five things I am looking forward to (no matter how trivial) the following day, the coming week, the coming month, and the next couple of months. This reminds me to feel thankful for everything I have, and to take pleasure in the small things. This is my current list:


  1. Doing the Wordle and Globle
  2. Watching Encanto in Spanish
  3. Hanging out with my friends tonight
  4. Going to the mall after school
  5. The final bell signaling that school is out for spring break

This week

  1. Going to Florida 
  2. Getting tan
  3. Wearing summer clothes
  4. Spending time with my friends
  5. Not having any schoolwork

This month

  1. Celebrating two of my friends birthdays
  2. Our first Rugby game
  3. Perfecting my current piano piece and starting a new one
  4. Spending more time outside- running, playing soccer with my friends, having picnics
  5. Seeing my brother and dad again after two weeks

The next few months

  1. Being a camp counselor
  2. Going to Maine
  3. Going on fun summer adventures with my friends 
  4. The Wilds season 2 coming out
  5. Seeing Lucy Dacus in concert

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