I Love the Midwest by Viv Bowling


I love the Midwest. I think it is the best place to have ever grown up. I love 10 out of the 11 Midwestern states with a passion. The north is too quick paced for me, the south is too hot for me, and the west is too expensive and over-populated. The Midwest has none of these issues.

These are the pros of the Midwest:

  1. We get all four seasons. It’s hot in the summer, cold in the winter and a happy median in the spring and fall. You have a season to wear every form of clothing you can think of. Plus, once you get sick of the weather in one season, the next season is quickly approaching and nothing hits better than the first feeling of sun after a cold winter or finally being able to wear your favorite jeans after a nice, long summer. 
  2. It isn’t expensive. Of course, they are exceptions to this rule as there are with any rules, but overall the Midwest is an amazingly affordable place to live and raise a family. There is a reason so many families have to move out of NYC or California. Housing is insane there, but not only that. Food is crazy, childcare is ridiculous, travel is pricey, and so on.
  3. Chicago. That’s all. 
  4. B1G 10 is headquartered in the Midwest. It doesn’t even matter if you like sports, I promise if you live near a Midwest school you will feel no greater pride than supporting your big 10 team. 
  5. People are better drivers here and traffic is almost non-existent. I swear no matter what part of New York or Arizona or Tennessee you are driving in there is traffic. You could be next to a field and there is somehow still traffic. Not in the Midwest though. 
  6. People here are better. People in the north aren’t kind, people in the west aren’t smart and the south is just hot. The Midwest has kind and intelligent people and you don’t have to burn alive. It’s great. 

Cons of the Midwest:

  1. Michigan

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