Gobble Gobble by Vivian Bowling

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I finally got all my Christmas decorations up. Technically I did it on October 25th which is multiple days before it is considered socially acceptable. Actually, depending on who you talk to, December 1st is the only acceptable day to start decorating for Christmas. November is supposed to be the turkey month. The month of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is easily my least favorite holiday. I would happily celebrate any holiday before I sat around my table with the same family I see every other weekend and eat dry turkey which makes me feel tired and sad. I grew up in a very small family. It is my immediate family, my aunt, and then my grandma and grandpa. That is it. If seeing family is what makes Thanksgiving a holiday, then every time I drive 10 minutes to my Grans house it’s a holiday. Now you might be thinking, isn’t Christmas the same then? Well, yes, but with eggnog and Mariah Carey it’s significantly better. Thanksgiving is just bland. You eat dressing, as my Kentucky Gran calls it, or stuffing if you are literally anybody but her. Cranberries and yams are practically stuffed down your throat. I hate both of those foods and I really don’t know who decided they were acceptable to be paired with mashed potatoes and dry turkey. The only thing worse than eating these foods on Thanksgiving is having to eat the same foods as leftovers for literally the next week. In elementary school, they told us a most likely false story about pilgrims, made us make hand turkeys and called it a day on the history of the holiday. Yet here we are, still celebrating Thanksgiving. There is not even good music or movies to be paired with this day. Squirrels eat the pumpkin decorations I put out so that’s a waste. Pie is almost drier than turkey so the dessert part sucks just as much as the rest of the day. Alright I think it is understood that I hate this day. Anyways! Happy holidays!

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