Tigger Onesie By Carrington Hughes

As we ease into the Thanksgiving era, I feel it is essential to properly part ways with the Halloween season. To do this, I have dedicated this blog to the Tigger onesie costume I spent nearly $40 dollars on and will probably never wear again.

Dear Tigger onesie,

Where do I even start? Since the first time I laid eyes on you I knew we were meant to be. After my beloved friend suggested we do a part

ner costume, I knew immediately that your were the right choice. Sure, you and Winnie were a good match, but we were even better. You made me feel so youthful during my 10 minutes of trick or treating. You gathered such a large fan-base and being followed by a group of 3 year old’s was truly the highlight of my night. I know how much it hurt when that one demonic child called you Mickey Mouse but I promise you they didn’t mean it. I need you understand how much I enjoyed the 5 hours we spent together. As an HL economics students, I can confidently say that you were the best $40 I’ve ever spent. Will you be spending the next year in a storage closet? Yes. But that doesn’t mean I love you any less.


Carrington <3

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