Should You Watch Squid Game? By Rachel Coxon

Despite college due dates, extended essay deadlines and studying for tests every other night, I managed to finish the show that’s taking over the internet in a week. Released on Netflix last month, the Korean thriller has reached #1 in over 90 countries. If you haven’t watched Squid Game by now, you must not give in to peer pressure easily, so congrats. 

The series opens with Seong Gi-hun, a gambling addict who’s millions in debt and struggling to financially support his daughter. He’s invited to play “games” for cash, along with 455 others who find themselves in grave debt. The show kicks up a notch during the first game, where a simple round of the kid’s game Red Light, Green Light turns into life or death. The thrilling twists don’t stop there, as each episode takes it to another level. 

Say you haven’t watched it yet, what’s stopping you? Blood makes you squirm? Not your kind of genre? To this I’d say: Suck it up and watch it. 

For one, there’s nothing else like it. I guess Squid Game’s dystopian-play-to-the-death element makes it somewhat comparable to The Hunger Games… if the movie series was on crack. Plus everyone likes The Hunger Games

There’s also some message to it, involving human morality and the fact that money can’t buy happiness. 

Finally, you’ll have a lot to talk about with peers and teachers, not to mention the ability to understand half the memes on the internet right now. Viral sensations are only fun when you’re participating in them, so get on board!

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