Chargers Outlast Browns in High-Scoring Thriller By Will Welsh

INGLEWOOD, CA — In a battle of two one-loss teams, the LA Chargers emerged victorious, defeating the Browns 47-42.  

Both teams involved in this contest had high expectations leading up to the game. The Browns and Chargers both sat at 3-1 and each team led their respective division. The players must have heard about the hype because their performance certainly lived up to it. 

The Browns dominated the game from the outset, and held onto a two-score lead in the third quarter. As the clock wound down, and the fourth quarter began, a shootout ensued. Both the Browns and Chargers have played well in the fourth quarter all season, and yesterday’s contest was no exception. In the final 15 minutes, a combined total of 41 points were scored

The fourth quarter was one to remember, with plenty of touchdowns, extra points, a missed extra point, and a two point conversion. At one point, the Browns defense worked together to push Chargers running back Austin Ekeler into the endzone for a touchdown, giving the Browns offense just over 1:30 to drive down the field and seal the win. Unfortunately for the Browns, poor clock management and decision making wasted 50 seconds to travel 12 yards and the Browns were left in a hopeless Hail Mary situation. 

Yesterday’s impressive performance would not have been possible without the expert play of both quarterbacks, as well as Nick Chubb, and Mike Williams. Baker Mayfield had a perfect bounce-back game, completing 72 percent of his passes for 305 yards and 2 scores. Justin Herbert, while only completing 62 percent of his passes, ended with 398 yards and 4 touchdowns. Taking advantage of a weak Chargers defensive line, Browns running back Nick Chubb racked up 161 yards and a score, averaging a staggering 7.7 yards per carry. Through the air, Chargers wide receiver Mike Wiliams had a stellar game, ending with 165 yards and 2 touchdowns. The superstars on both teams put up incredible stats, but it was the Chargers that executed in crunch time. 

Next week, the Browns will play the undefeated Cardinals at home and the Chargers will take on their second AFC North team in two weeks, the Ravens. Both teams have playoff aspirations and hope to meet again in January. 


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