Corona Rona by Kiara Patterson


Corona Rona

My senior year is gone because of you Rona

Why do you like to hurt so much?

You’re like a crazy ex-boyfriend that will never give up

I walk daily to rid myself of your presence, but unlike you I think time is of the essence

You’ve disgraced this world with your impatience

Your bond to the human race is tenacious

Life with you in it has been a nightmare, and Rona Rona it’s really not fair

I get up just to stay in the house

Because of you people now eat food nibble by nibble as if they were a mouse

You’ve increased poverty, abuse, a rage of unpleasant emotions

You’re invisible but unlike a ghost, your presence isn’t unspoken

So what should the world do about you now, Rona?

From what we all know of you, we don’t like your persona

Although I can say you taught us a very valuable lesson

At times like this many may slip into depression

You’ve shown humankind how selfish some of us are

How quick we’ll get into a fight over toilet paper, as if we’re at a bar

But enough with this

Enough with the back and forth, you are dismissed

Don’t come again, don’t get me pissed

It was all fun and games until you started taking people’s lives

You give me heebie-jeebies almost like hives

My last words I have for you will not be sweet, unlike you I won’t be a cheat

A cheater of happiness, the pleasant life as I’ve known it

You are shameful but yet, you seem to own it

Corona Rona you are pathetic

But I will not stoop to your level

I am angelic

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