A Distraction From the End by Lindsey Cicero

This certainly isn’t how I thought things would end. If I am being honest I still don’t think that reality has set in for me. As a result, I haven’t felt overly emotional over the crashing and burning of what was supposed to be the end of my high school career. To those that have been hit hard by this pandemic, for whatever reason, I hope the future brings better times. I can’t quite bring myself to write some meaningful post about how the last four years, though stressful, have made me incredibly happy and inspired so much growth. So instead I will share with you some of my favorite artists that have kept me occupied during these strange times.

5 Seconds of Summer 

I started listening to their music again earlier this year, and let me tell you, a great choice on my part. I love the variety of songs they have. Wanna cry? Song for that. Wanna dance? Song for that. Wanna feel in love? Song for that. Truly amazing versatility and quality meanings to their songs. (also they just came out with a new album!)

Some of my favorites: If Walls Could Talk, Better Man, More, Castaway, Lover of Mine, Lonely Heart, and Red Desert.

New Hope Club

I found this band about a year ago because I had started to listen to the Vamps (another great band, though not on this list, I highly recommend) again. I love the vibe of all their songs so much. They are all pretty upbeat so if you are feeling sad this isn’t the best option. Nevertheless, they are super talented and the sweetest guys! (I got to meet them over the summer).

Some of my favorites: Fixed, Medicine, Permission, Paycheck, Let Me Down Slow, and You and I.

Sabrina Carpenter 

Sabrina carpenter is another artist that I have been listening to for about a year. I remember watching her on various disney channel shows and movies, but her music is even better. She has a pretty solid variety of songs ranging from emotional to empowering. Whenever I listen to her I feel like I can take over the world, and what else could you really ask for from music?

Some of my favorites: On purpose, Sue Me, Hold Tight, Bad Time, Shadows, Exhale, and Smoke and Fire.


The first time I heard MisterWives was my freshman year of high school at a Panic! At the Disco concert. Their music is so addictive it makes you want to get up and jump around. I wish I would have known about them before because when I got to see them live I certainly did’t appreciate it as much as I should have! 

Some of my favorites: Kings and Queens, Machine, Reflections, Our Own House, Oh Love, and Twisted Tongue.

Lewis Capaldi 

This is my ultimate recommendation for if you want to feel emotional, because oh boy will this do it. Lewis has such a rich lush voice and does such an amazing job conveying emotions in his song. He honestly makes me sad over relationships that I have never had. His music is just so good I feel like I am also heartbroken. His music is one of my go tos for when I am not feeling like dancing around and want something calmer.

Some of my favorites: Bruises, Hold Me While You Wait, Grace, Someone You Loved, and Before You Go.

I hope you can use this little list to make your quarantine a little less painful. Finally, I would like to say, I will always look back at my time at Shaker with gratitude and joy, so thank you to all those who have made it so special.

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