Turning Darkness into Light: The Incandescent Review By Esti Goldstein

So in these first batch of blogs, it makes perfect sense for everyone to be writing about these unprecedented times and the situation of social distancing/quarantine. A lot of concerning things are occurring right now, but I have noticed that quite a few spots of light have been sparking out of this darkness. I would like to share one during this blog (which may or may not be self-promotion but bear with me). During the second week of quarantine, I was lucky enough to be enveloped into a spectacular project created by my peers from a writing workshop I attended this year. They were starting a literary magazine: The Incandescent Review to give teens a platform to express their feelings about world problems and to produce a creative outlet. The name “incandescent” has two meanings, that of an illuminating gleam and a fiery passion while also holding the words “I can.” Their mission resonated with me and I was ecstatic, practically bursting with a need to get started. The crazy part was that the majority of these people didn’t know me at all, they just recognized me from the workshop. While I had made a lot of loving friendships this summer, with over a hundred kids it was impossible to connect with them all. I was amazed at the friendliness and kindness that they extended toward me, I had just joined them yet I was immediately comfortable joining their banter and jokes while feeling confident in expressing my opinions on the creation of the Review. 

 I am so proud to say that our first Spring Issue of The Incandescent Review is coming out, tomorrow, Sunday, April 19th. And while there was a ridiculous amount of hard work put in by its staff there was an equal amount, if not more, of love flowing into this project. I have been so blessed at this opportunity and I have so much respect for my fellow staff members. When reading the (80+!!!) submissions, I was shocked at the wide range of topics and the amount of talent that I was lucky enough to read. The work being featured in this issue is a fresh take on the problems that this generation is facing, and portrayed beautifully. I hope that this magazine will inspire others to create during this time, and turn the darkness into an incandescent light (I know, a terrible pun, but I had to). Check it out at theincandescentreview.org!

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