Musings From My Room by Kevin Jiang

Actual photo of my room

In the spirit of the current times, my mind has been a bit jumbled the past few weeks. As such, I will simply list some unconnected thoughts for today, perhaps exploring some of them in-depth.

  1. The farthest I’ve gone from my room in the past four weeks is the end of my driveway. I suppose this one isn’t too bad. For the first two weeks my “going outside” involved sticking my head out of my window. Improvement, right? I’ve been jogging up and down the driveway, even just going outside to sit there in the absence of anything else to do. I was going to do that while writing this blog, but it started snowing. Which brings me to my next point…
  2. Cleveland weather! I’ve heard a lot over the past few weeks about how pollution has been reduced in many major cities, and the skies are now as clear as ever, and even how the Earth is now shaking less. However, every day when I go outside and look upwards, all I see is clouds. Other places see clear skies, but in Cleveland? Still overcast every day. I’m not even sure if the overcast weather is the natural state of Cleveland weather, or if the extreme air pollution we have contributes extensively. It’s probably a combination of the two.
  3. Do I really like structure or not? I can’t honestly say I disliked school. By senior year, school was so ingrained into my lifestyle that I was, in a way, forced to like the routine of school. However, now that I can hit snooze as many times as I want (or even not set an alarm at all), I’m rethinking whether I want that structure back. I suppose this isn’t an internal debate worth having, though. In four months, when the university year begins, in person, or online, I’ll have to figure out a new schedule.
  4. I made a DIY stylus for my phone yesterday. I’ve been doing a lot of tutoring through various programs, and I find myself needing to write on a virtual whiteboard a lot. It’s a good thing that Zoom has a virtual whiteboard that I can use, but writing with my fingers is simply too messy. Half the time, even I can’t tell what I wrote five minutes earlier. I wonder how they make it look so easy on Khan Academy and Organic Chemistry Tutor. My first tutoring session with the stylus is today, so we’ll see how it goes. Perhaps a bigger screen would help. Why couldn’t we have gotten Chromebooks with touchscreens? Oh, I’m not supposed to use that for non-school activities, you said? Pfffft.
  5. In lieu of watching sports (since I can’t bring myself to watch replays, e-sports, or poker), I’ve been experimenting with some sports-themed video games on my phone. I don’t have a gaming console, so my options are unfortunately limited to the likes of Madden Mobile and MLB Perfect Inning, rather than their better-developed counterparts Madden and MLB The Show. I currently have a lower batting average with 2009 Joe Mauer on PI than he had in real life that season. Maybe I’ll go work on that now.

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