How I Have Been Occupying My Time by John Stevenson

These last few weeks have been boring, to say the least. My daily routine is just so much different than it was before the pandemic. I have still been in close contact with my friends, as we are always debating when this crisis is going to end, and what life is going to be like after this. To occupy my time I had mostly just been doing my homework and playing video games, but then I had an idea. I wanted to organize a competitive basketball 3 v 3 for the summer, so I texted all my friends and they wanted in. This meant I could finally start practicing basketball again with my free time too, which I haven’t done religiously since 8th grade. 

Organizing the league was a long and rigorous process because we had so many people that wanted to be in it, and I wanted to make it the best league it could possibly be. I decided it was going to be called the SBA, the Shaker Basketball Association. I hosted the draft on a group facetime to kick the league off.  We had 24 players so I made eight teams with two divisions, the East and the West. Then I created a schedule by hand, which was very difficult because I had to make sure each team played the three other teams in their division twice, and have six away games. Each team then chose a “homecourt” which would be the best basketball court of one of the players on their team.  We then created an Instagram page to promote the league, as we hope to have fans for our championship game.

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