Dog Time! by Lane Murray

I really didn’t want to write anything quarantine related because I know that it’s all anyone is thinking about and reading about right now, so this is a precursor that, yes, this is something that is technically related, but I swear it’s not the focus of what I’m writing. 

I have been having a fantastic time spending time with my dogs every day. We haven’t gotten a new puppy, which I know a lot of families have been doing, it’s just that having my dogs by my side while I do schoolwork has been totally awesome. Aside from just being around them, it’s been great to be able to take a break from my work and sit with them on the couch, take them on a walk, or play with them outside. I know it may seem weird to call dogs therapy dogs that aren’t specifically trained to be so, but it’s clear to me that they have been therapeutic to my entire family and me, giving us the mood boosts we often need just sitting around in the house. 

Our dogs are here for us when we need it and this is the ultimate show all of how true that is. Being able to turn to a pet just the same as turning to a human loved one is something that brings me a lot of joy, whether I’m talking about myself in particular or the general sentiment of overall. Our animals show us compassion when we don’t even realize we need it and it makes every day a little better. For me, I sometimes let my mind feel a false sense of ease towards the daily wake up, schoolwork, an hour or two outside, eating, watching TV, and going back to sleep. We all know that there’s something about doing these activities that isn’t the same as it was before the current context of doing them, and that doing these things day after day can feel super negative. I know for me it’s felt this way, and for many of my friends and family as well. However, when I’m able to do them with one or both of my dogs around, it feels like I really do have a companion by my side to make things feel better. And think of how excited they are to have our attention all the time! 

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about how much I will miss them when I go to college because I’ve definitely had it on my mind all year. Before this, coming home to my dogs was one of my favorite parts of the day because of the kind welcome I am always met with. I miss those, because I’m not coming and going from the house every day, but everything that I am getting instead makes up for it. Being able to spend all this extra time with them before college in the fall, especially my older dog who is around twelve has truly been a gift to me, if not the only one to come from this.

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