Dreams by Kiara Patterson


How do they become our reality?

What do they all mean?

Sometimes I sit back and wonder if I’m the queen and it’s my king

To differentiate between fantasy and reality can be tricky

Like gum left on the bottom of your shoe, it can be sticky

Waking up each day, I have to question

What’s out of my control and what’s in my possession?

At times I wonder if my dreams are based off of something that has already happened

Or if I’m just walking the New York Runway for the first time, high fashion

I believe dreams are an alternate way of seeing things

Almost like picturing a pelican, without its wings

Are they our fantasy or do they have deep meanings?

It’s confusing the first few seconds coming out of a deep sleep

Your mind tries to put the pieces together before it leaps

Into reality that is, because the dream is over

Or maybe it’s just beginning to bud like a beautiful white clover

Dreams are usually pleasant unless it’s a nightmare

You may wake up sweaty and trembling with fear

The hours asleep may affect you when you are awake

It might mix with reality and give you a brain freeze like a milkshake

Dreams may create feelings towards others you never had in mind

Afterall, they do say love is blind

Although, dreams may make you dislike a thing or person you never knew 

They may make you hot and red or cold and blue

To dream is to speak

With your eyes closed and body weak

Dream for the future, past and present

You are your own agent, not your dreams peasant

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