The Pros and Cons of Winter by John Stevenson

First of all, winter definitely is not my favorite season.  I cannot fathom how someone could call winter their favorite season; it’s basically just cold and darkness.  Even though winter has many cons, there are some pros. The beginning of winter, when it is the holiday season, is always an exciting time of year.  Nothing tops being surrounded by family, friends and gifts. Winter is also a time for one of my favorite activities, skiing. I have always been intrigued by skiing ever since I was little.  There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush gliding down a steep hill through a sea of wind and snowflakes. Usually, I just ski close to home but I definitely would like to go to Colorado or Canada someday.  Also, snow days are always nice but it doesn’t seem like there are going to be any this year, no thanks to El Nino.

This winter has been odd to say the least, the weather patterns have been very hard to follow.  I dislike winter even more when it doesn’t snow because going outside is always more enjoyable when it’s snowing rather than just being cold and grey.  I believe that my Italian heritage has contributed to why I hate winter so much, my body just simply rejects it. I’m not saying I can’t stand cold weather, I just hate it.  Trudging through the snow and cold to get to school everyday gets very old, as it is so much more enjoyable when it’s 70 degrees and sunny. I also hate how long winter is in Ohio as it is a third of the year.  I’m not saying that I dislike Ohio, but I definitely hate its weather. My experience in Ohio has made me think about where I want to live when I’m older. I would not mind moving back to Shaker when I am an adult, but I feel like a change of scenery might be nice.  I have always wanted to live out West as I love California, but it doesn’t really make sense economically. In the end, I probably will end up in the Midwest somehow even though I hate it’s weather.  

4 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Winter by John Stevenson

  1. I think winter is great in the spring, summer, and fall but once it hits everyone remembers what it’s actually like. It’s definitely romanticized because everyone misses the warm feeling of getting & giving, the idea of new beginnings, and hot cocoa in front of the fire. Somehow, people forget the great feeling of your houses heat not working, or having to walk home with wind coming at your face 50 miles an hour. This year, I think winter has been exceptionally brutal- so I definitely won’t be missing it come July.

  2. John, I understand the back and forth feelings about winter and Ohio weather. Sometimes it feels like a never ending season of sad here and it makes doing work and being effective so incredibly difficult, but the high points like the holidays and the snow/snow activities always make it feel a little bit worth it to me. I’m also hoping that I can live out West in Colorado, specifically, because of just how beautiful the weather and nature are there and of course, year round skiing! When winter is in its prime, and that I mean the perfect winter wonderland type of weather, I honestly love it. But obviously our winters are just cold, gray, and icky so we totally miss out on the pretty enjoyable part too. Ugh!

  3. Oy I completely agree with your thoughts on winter, I personally find it to be fun in it’s romanticized newness and the way that it alludes to the start of the holiday season. Whenever the first snowfall occurs, I often am pleased to look outside and see the blanket of shimmering white snow glinting in the early morning. And while I like playing in the snow and skiing as well, I agree that as the months of winter drag on my enthusiasm decreases. Winter in Ohio, as you state, is truly too long and as the snow melts and falls again and turns to a gray slush that we have to trudge through, with our coats pulled up around our ears, is miserable. It is in my opinion that this blog is correct in it’s assessment that winter is the worst month. However, maybe if we lived in a state where winter isn’t 1/3 of the year I would appreciate it more…

  4. Many of us look forward to winter when it is over 80 degrees in the summer, only for winter to come and remind us how cruel and cold Cleveland winters truly are. I think you make a good point when you comment that winter is “basically just cold and darkness,” as the lack of sunlight definitely leads to some seasonal mood changes as well. However, I do think that in Cleveland, even our summers aren’t that enjoyable. While the summers are decidedly not cold (we don’t live in Alaska, after all), they can be quite gloomy sometimes. By my estimation, it is overcast or worse for over 70% of the days each year in Cleveland, including in the summer. Just imagine if we lived in an area with clear skies; I know I would greatly appreciate and value waking up to bright blue skies regardless of the season!

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