Esti’s Top Five Songs Right Now by Esti Goldstein

My music taste has a wide range so bear with me, but this week I have had a couple songs I have grown to love stuck in my head. So in no particular order:

  • Can We Dance by the Vamps: I love the Vamps, especially their other club hits like Just My Type. However I was completely unaware of this song until my friends introduced it to me a few days ago. The catchy chorus and upbeat debate over how the protagonist should proceed when faced with a girl he is interested in are so fun to scream with your friends.
  • Stop Loving You by Toto: So I know that Toto gets a bad rap because they are super old and super cheesy and this song is exactly that. However, this song has been spinning in my head for quite a few days and is a great soundtrack for aggressive hair flipping and air guitar.
  • Calma Alicia Remix: By Pedro Capó and Alicia Keys: I love this remix with Alicia because the female duet adds a layering component that only increases the summery beach vibes, which in this freezing winter are very welcome.
  • Shut Up by Greyson Chance: This song is a beautiful love ode that is perfect for driving along the snowfall and street lights or for slow dancing to in your room. My friends and I often listen to it when we are sleepy or studying together and the simple melody and well crafted lyrics pair well with the slow vibes of winter.
  • Coloring Outside the Lines by MisterWives: This song feels like a giant injection of bright colors and streamers floating all over the place, with a solid beat yet deep lyrics about the band’s love for their lifestyle and how lucky they are to be making music. I like listening to this song when I’m running and I need some positive motivation to remind me why I love this crazy sport.

One thought on “Esti’s Top Five Songs Right Now by Esti Goldstein

  1. You seem to have a good sense of what sort of music you like and why. Personally, I have never felt any sort of “special” connection to any music, though there are occasionally songs that I simply enjoy and re-listen to, though for no conscious reason that I can pinpoint. It’s really interesting to read the details that go through your head when you think about why you like a song and what it’s good for.

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