Off Brand Rotten Tomatoes, Volume I by Aaliyah Williams

“I can’t decide if that was bad in a good way, good in a good way, good in a bad way, or bad in a bad way.”

I am a total snob about what I watch. That being said, I’ve seen a lot of things in the past few weeks and I’d just love to spout my opinion on them.

  1. Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), 2020: This movie was ok. I think the whole entourage of characters were nice enough, but every character minus Harley Quinn and the little pick-pocket girl Cassandra had an extremely hard time breaking out of the mold of archetypes and stereotypes. The villains were evil and boring with no nuance and no compelling backstory. The fight scenes were so long and drawn out that I think about half an hour’s worth of them could have been cut out and the movie would have been the exact same (or maybe more interesting?). The women of the film were beautiful and badass, but they were also generally flat, and extraordinarily predictable. Margot Robbie did a beautiful job though of portraying a woman going through a breakup and learning to stand on her own though, even if the script of the supporting characters stifled her. Overall, I would recommend it as a fun movie night watch.
  2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Season 3), 2020: I watch this show mostly for the world building and super strong supporting characters. Some of the main characters are kind of weak (particularly Sabrina, who I think weakens the entire show with Keirnan Shipka’s unconvincing acting and childish facial expressions), but the general cast of characters is held together by a few characters in particular. The mythology of the show is super interesting to me! I thoroughly enjoy it, even though the writers have a particularly hard time trying to make romance between the teenage characters anything other than ridiculous. Currently the writing team is laying the groundwork for a love triangle that doesn’t need to happen. We’ll see where the show goes.
  3. Bojack Horseman (Season 6 pt. II), 2020: The perfect end to a beautiful show. Bojack Horseman ran for years, and has covered a wide variety of topics that plague everyday people even if it focuses on the issues of famous anthropomorphic creatures. I would recommend it, but this show goes super deep so it’s definitely not for light, casual watching. The final seasons traverse the political and social landscape after #MeToo, and it really aims to have a great conversation about things that are greatly difficult to talk about.
  4. Crash Landing on You, 2020: So romantic. So beautiful. So in-depth. The show is a funny and witty k-drama. Literally have been obsessed with it. On Netflix. Watch immediately!

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