Numerology- by Emma Jevack

When talking about numbers, most people think of them in the context of a math problem or maybe as an amount of money, both pretty surface level connections to numbers. However, do you ever see reoccurring numbers in your life or a certain connection to a single digit? If so, you might be interested in Numerology, the connection of numbers to your life and the universe.

It might sound confusing, but just like astrology it’s a way to align yourself and make connections with the world around you. Basically, every set of numbers can be reduced to a single digit, with each single digit having significance. However, the only 2 numbers you should NOT reduce are 11 and 22. These are considered master numbers and hold a higher significance of success and growth.  The most popular example is getting your Life Path Number by adding up the digits of your birthday. So for example, my birthday is 9/26/2002


2+6= 8

2+0+0+2= 4

9+8+4= 21

2+1= 3

So my life path number is 3. From here, there’s countless charts and articles explaining what your life path number means and what life holds for you. I was shocked to see that “3” holds many of the same traits I already see in myself. And when I think about it, the number 3 does seem to pop up a lot in my life. If you dive deeper, there’s number associated with letters, (see below chart) and from there you can reduce your name and get your Destiny Number, which is reflective of how you’ll reach your goals in life. So where my Life Path Number is 3, my Destiny Number is 5.

It’s a lot to process, but if you entertain the idea you’ll find that the numbers you used to only consider for math problems actually hold a ton of meaning. And if you get a 22/100 on your next test, don’t worry, the 22 is a good sign!

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