Senioritis by Kiara Patterson


What does it all really mean?

Yes, this is our last year of school but it’s making me scream

Twenty three weeks in, twelve more weeks to go

I don’t know if I love school or hate it, kind of like snow

Remember these moments they say, cherish them, they won’t last forever

But now I don’t care anymore, I wish it was already September

Or even the summer time would be nice so I can finally have a break

The past thirteen years in school have been close to hell for goodness sake

I’m mentally tired, physically exhausted

My brain has been heated and cooled over and over again kind of like ice cream when its frosted

Don’t get me wrong, school has had its upsides 

I’ve received a great education and made amazing friends that will forever stand by my side

The teachers have been charmful, some even daring, but most by far were very caring

Looking back now, at the brink of my high school journey, I don’t have many complaints, I guess I won’t need an attorney

I am in, yet still approaching the prime of my life

The party is just beginning, it will be years before I am a wife

But as every week goes by, it’s the same repetition

Each day it feels like I’m on a mission

For many seniors right now, we are burnt out

For the longest we have been in a drought 

There are mixed emotions about everything right now

To my fellow seniors here and everywhere I have this last thing to say

The harder we work, the better the pay

You’re almost there, don’t give up

Graduation is just around the corner so keep your heads up!

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