i think the moral is to live in the moment by Julia Schmitt-Palumbo









A couple of people shape you, growing, learning.

The first years of your life based upon stories of old.

You are taught important ideas, experiencing, instituting.

But you won’t remember the letter, only the spirit.

Then you are taught the basics of life, reading, writing.

By teachers who learned just like you, creating a chain.

You connect with new people, meeting, communicating.

But as you age you are told to leave some behind.

You develop relationships, loving, caring.

But fall away from so many others as you go.

You might fall in love with someone, feeling, believing.

And sometimes it works, but sometimes it hurts more than death.

You may be ruled by emotion, screaming, crying.

One day might be the best, the next day, the worst.

More often than not you are healthy, living, breathing.

But the only inevitability in life is death.

When that happens, everyone mourns, weeping, pleading.

And when you’re gone who remembers your name?

Not one person you never told it to.

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