The Problem With The Bachelor by Erica Smith

“Shut up! I need to get this homework done! The Bachelor’s three hours tonight!”, I hear from across the classroom. I laugh to myself over this comment and continue on with my work. But then I get to thinking. Wow. I relate to that way too much. I have spent so many hours of my life watching this dumb show. 

Every Monday it’s part of my routine. I get a text around 7:50 from my mom: “Ready to watch the Bachelor?”; to which my response is always yes. I bring homework with me but get way too distracted by the thirty women screaming at each other to actually get any of it done. And then it comes to me.

This is the problem with the Bachelor. No, not the horribly dramatic editing or the over-dramatic cat fights. It’s not the clearly staged arguments or the constant exclamations of, “she’s here for the wrong reasons”. It’s the fact that this horrible show takes away hours upon hours of time that I should be doing my homework or better yet, sleeping. Every Monday the question is posed: Do I work on homework or go watch the Bachelor? And since ABC has a horribly magical way of sucking viewers into this show, I always choose the latter.

So, as I sit in my bed writing this blog post the day it’s due just after finishing an episode of the Bachelor, all I have to say is why do I do this to myself?

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