Summertime and Cocoa Butter by Lauren Sheperd

In the deepest concaves of winter, all I can think of is summer. I’m longing for it. My body is reacting to the lack of sunshine, my fingers are constantly covered in pen ink, and my eyes have circles under them. This longing always starts around now, but quickly subsides as I recognize that I still have a long way to go. Not this year, apparently.

Summer is a time of late night car rides with the music loud and the windows down, terrible tan lines from my guard suit, and my summer playlist (which this blog is named after, because of course). As much as I’d love to complain about school and the struggles of junior year, I’d rather focus on the happiness summertime brings me. So here it is: the ever so fascinating day in the life of summertime me. 

My day typically begins at a cross country practice, sometimes at an unreasonable morning hour. Those aren’t always my best days; I am not even close to a morning person. However, days when cross country starts at a reasonable time, I am excited for them. While I am not a morning person, I am also not a sleep all day person, especially in the summer. After practice, I go home and get ready for work. I go through the process of putting on my guard suit, which is actually much more difficult than one would think. I walk to work, and if I’m feeling particularly generous, grab some On The Rise cookies for me and my work bff, who is obviously incredibly grateful. I finish the short walk to work, put on my classic 100 SPF sunscreen, and begin my first rotation. After an hour on chair, casually saving lives, it’s time for my off. Thirty minutes of pure joy. My BFF and I take turns going off the diving board to beat the 90 degree heat, only slightly irritating the guard on chair. The next eight hours at the pool go shockingly quickly. I leave work and immediately get ready for my plans with my friends. Trying to decide between the same three restaurants is always hard, but we manage. After some delicious tacos and queso, we go to get some ice cream. After a delightful evening of blowing my paycheck, I go home and watch some Friends on Netflix, which I guess I won’t be able to do this summer. I go to bed and get enough sleep and prepare for a similar, yet stimulating next day.

Only 116 more days to go I guess.

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